Nicoline Eicke

Connected, alive, full of passion and with an open heart I am accompanying people on their path into being whole: to remember who one is, to follow the yearning of one’s soul, to be the creator of one’s life….

My work is part of my passion to be here. Furthermore I am mother of two children, partner, companion.

until now:

  • Nasal Specific since 2017
  • teaching at Centre for Homeopathic Education in New York (CHE NYC) 2014/2015
  • contributor of the international Materia Medica Pura Project of Dr. André Saine since 2013
  • shamanic seminars and one-year-groups since 2013
  • sweat lodges, study circle, ceremonies since 2009
  • foundation of the centre with Elke Eicke 2004
  • shamanic healing since 2003
  • own classical homeopathic practice since 2002
  • astrological consultations since 1995
  • piano teacher, astrologer, Heilpraktiker (German ‚healing practitioner‘)

education and further training:

  • Shamanic works – FSS: way of the shaman; Carlo Zumstein (TAOB Foundation): soul retrieval, soul centering, death&dying, IWB II, blind seer, power of the mountains, IWB-Reunions, study circles; Sandra Ingerman: soul retrieval; Alba Maria: ceremonies with holy plants, sweat lodges; Alberto Villoldo: courageous dreaming; Bernhard Schlage: darkness retreats; Simon Buxton (Sacred Trust): Darkness Visible; Naomi Lewis & Kate Shela (Sacred Trust): The Path of Pollen – The Way of the Melissae, Arte Triptych Melissae, Secret Sister & Spirit Spouse, The Trembling Veil & The Roar of the Roses, Return of the Pythoness
  • classische homeopathy – HP Erik Schwarz; Dr. Alfons Geukens, Clinical Training Centre for Classical Homeopathy, Hechtel, Belgien, diploma; HP Elke Eicke: assistance and supervision; Dr. Jens Wurster: homeopathic treatment of cancer; Dr. André Saine: The Materia Medica of the Future
  • Nasal Specific: André Saine
  • Ear acupuncture: Paracelsus Schule, Kassel
  • Astrology: Liz Greene & Charles Harvey, Centre for Psychological Astrology, London, certificat; Robert Zoller, Canada, correspondance course in medieval astrology, diploma
  • Al Ferasa: Wael Abdul-Hamid
  • piano studies– conservatoir Hamburg, diploma