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Treatment of acute and chronic diseases

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Tools for change

All things shamanic 

Spirituality in action

Shamans have always known that we dream our life into being. We have forgotten this because we have learned to only perceive a limited part of reality. When we expand our consciousness we can relearn to be a conscious creator of our existence.

Classic homeopathy

Holistic healing

Samuel Hahnemann, founder of the classical homeopathy, recognised that the state of our vital force determines the vibrational quality of our organisms. In diseases the vital force is mistuned and in order to re-establish harmony in the vibrational field it needs a dynamic substance.


Recognise your own life plan

Astrology is the ancient knowledge that the human being as an inseparable part of the cosmos and nature is subject to the same laws as nature itself. The planets represent principles of origin (archetypes) which manifest divine law and thus make the thought of creation intelligible.

Nasal Specific

Resetting your bones

Nasal Specific is an osteopathic technique to remove blockages by adjusting the skull bones. With this it re-establishes the free flow of the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid and of the blood. The effects can be seen and felt in the whole body.

Ear Acupuncture

Liberating your meridians

Ear acupuncture has its origins in the system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Stimulating certain points of the ear improves the body’s own healing energies (Qi or Chi) and restores the balance of yin and yang within the organs.


the astrological and shamanic praxis are open as usual, the healing practitioner praxis is closed – homeopathic consultations are available via zoom/telephone

there is the opportunity to participate in the following groups:

tele study circle every Friday at 7 pm

shamanic study circle every last Friday at 7.45 pm

sweat lodge on 16th April and 14th May

trance postures every 1st Friday at 7.45 pm

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