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Renting the yurt

The yurt of Magic Soul is a classical Mongolian round tent with a diameter of 7.5m (44 m area). It can be rented for various events – seminars & workshops, lectures, readings, concerts etc.

The yurt is placed on a private property among old apple trees on the verge of a small forest, with a little brook and a fire place, in the Northern part of Hessen. It is easily accessible by bus, train and car.

— area: 44 m
— diameter: 7.5 mjurte
— wall hight: 1.8 m
— central hight: 2.9 m
— max. number of people: ca. 70 (on chairs)
— wood stove
— external bathroom
— connection for power supply available

The yurt is a vibrant space. It is a round tent, which connects sky and earth in a characteristic manner. Its architecture follows cosmic aspects.

Yurts are the common living space for many nomadic tribes. Their history foes back more more than 2000 years.

The construction of this traditional dwelling is simple as well as ingenious: since it is built from natural and renewable materials is provides a great example of an ecological and sustainable construction.

Fee per day: 120.-€ (up to 12 people, each additional person 10.-€)

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