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Birth chart

A chart (horoscope) is a snapshot of the movement of the stars at a certain time and place. It describes the quality of the birth moment and thus mirrors the „above“ which describes the qualities „below“ – the qualities one carries in oneself (just as the seed carries the qualities of the plant). It is a comprehensive, complete picture of the individual, of its potential for development and of its life plan.

All too often we try to be somebody we are not (and most times we are not even aware of it), which usually leads to a variety of sufferings – internal sufferings like unhappiness, grief, resignation… and external sufferings like problems in relationships, conflicts at work, diseases….

A seed of an apple will never become an orange tree… and it would never try to be it. In contrast to us nature does know its own destination – no mineral, plant or animal would ever try to be anything else than that which it is designed to be.

Talking about the own birth chart, by way of its symbols and archetypes, I help people to recognise their own intention, their genuine yearning to be here. With this they can understand their life situations – even if those are painful and difficult – and finally accept them. Through that they can (re-) gain self-determination and give their life a meaning (again).

“There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life.”

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