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Astrological consultation

We are all searching for answers to the questions of Being – who am I? What is my destiny? What is all of this for?

In most cases questions about one‘s own life and decisions, life crises and conflicts compel one to look for answers. Often they are questions concerning one‘s professional calling, later in life problems at the work place, questions concerning relationships respectively problems in relationships or problems in the relation with one‘s children, as well as questions concerning the right place to live.

The hermetic principle „as above so below“ on which astrology is based, helps us, to get answers to these questions. The cycles and patterns of the outer world correspond with the cycles and patterns of our psyche (C.G. Jung called it synchronicity). The outer cycles don’t cause the inner ones but both are mirroring each other.

The constellation of the stars are the „as above“ representation of our „so blow“ myths and topics. That‘s why an astrological consultation can help to recognise one‘s own life plan and to understand why certain topics happen in one‘s life. Due to this it is easier for us to take responsibility for our own life (again) and to express our genuine essence in a unique and creative way.

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