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Astrology (greek knowledge/meaning of the stars) is the study of the symbolic meaning of the celestial bodies for the events on Earth. It is based on the Hermetic analogy of ‘as above so below”, the knowledge of the link between macrocosm and microcosm.

Astrology is the original knowledge, that man as part of the cosmos and nature is subject to the same laws as nature. Planets represent archetypes which embody divine law, and in this way allow us to perceive the thought of creation.

When we connect ourselves to the stars we can open deeper levels of our consciousness, and in this way we can return to a deeper recognition of our inner and true dimension, to our true home between the stars. Through the reconnection with the universe and timelessness we become one with the big consciousness and experience that we are not separate from it. Life is a unity, in which everything has meaning, a place and a task. With all its different manifestations life is created through one and the same energy and ultimately all experiences and realisations lead back to this one creational force. This creational force lives in every being, and every being expresses it in its unique way. Is has created everything alive and connects everything alive with each other.

We have lost access to nature and its creational force. Through constantly changing challenges and contradictions in our world we have distanced ourselves more and more from our inner voice, which could tell us what is important for our life. With the help of astrology man can find his way back to his own self knowledge in the sense of the old wisdom “know thyself” and become whole. The recognition of one’s own life plan encourages us to manifest our own values and dreams in this world.

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