Nicoline Eicke

Connected, alive, full of passion and with an open heart I am accompanying people on their journey into wholeness: to remember who they are, to follow the yearning of their own eternal soul, to be the creator of their life…
My work is part of my passion to be here. Next to it I am a mother of two children, partner, companion.

Up until now:

  • Nasal Specific since 2017
  • Ear acupuncture since 2016
  • Teacher at the Centre for Homeopathic Education in New York (CHE NYC) 2014/2015
  • Contributor to the international Materia Medica Pura Project of Dr. André Saine since 2013
  • Shamanic seminars and annual groups since 2013
  • Sweat lodges, study circle, full moon fires, ceremonies since 2009
  • Foundation of the Centre for classical homeopathy & spiritual healing together with Elke Eicke 2004
  • Shamanic healing works since 2003
  • Classical homeopathy since 2002
  • Astrological consultations since seit 1995
  • Piano teacher, Dipl-Astrologer, Heilpraktikerin (state licensed healing practitioner)

Training & continuous professional development:

  • Shamanic works – FSS: way of the shaman; Carlo Zumstein (TAOB Foundation): soul retrieval, soul centring, death&dying, IWB II, Blind Seer, power of the mountains, IWB-Reunions I – IV, study circles; Sandra Ingerman: soul retrieval; Alba Maria: ceremonies with holy plants, sweat lodges; Alberto Villoldo: courageous dreaming; Bernhard Schlage: darkness retreats; Simon Buxton (Sacred Trust): Darkness Visible; Naomi Lewis (Sacred Trust): The Path of Pollen – The Way of the Melissae, Arte Triptych Melissae, Secret Sister & Spirit Spouse, The Trembling Veil & The Roar of the Roses, Return of the Pythoness, Serpent Fool
  • Classical homeopathy – HP Erik Schwarz; Dr. Alfons Geukens, Clinical Training Centre for Classical Homeopathy, Hechtel, Belgium, Diploma; HP Elke Eicke: assistance and supervision; Dr. Jens Wurster: homeopathic treatment of cancer; Dr. André Saine: The Materia Medica of the Future
  • Nasal Specific – Dr. André Saine
  • Al Ferasa – Wael Abdul-Hamid
  • Ear acupuncture – Paracelsus Schule Kassel
  • Astrology: Liz Greene & Charles Harvey, Centre for Psychological Astrology, London, certificate; Robert Zoller, Kanada, correspondence course medieval astrology, diploma
  • Piano study – conservatoire Hamburg, diploma
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