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October New Moon

Next New Moon is 28th October, 3.37 am UTC

Moon and Sun 4.24 Scorpio
In Opposition to Uranus (4.36 rx Taurus), conjunct fixed star Syrma in the constellation of Virgo

The Samhain New Moon this year offers an exquisite  😉 Uranian blast, a huge charge of unpredictable and erratic energies. This new moon, just one day before Inanna steps through the 2nd gate on her way out of the underworld, pours energies into our lives (and veins) to let old patterns die, to revolutionise our lives, to shed off what doesn’t serve our true unique selves.

That can feel disturbing, shocking, chaotic and can make us feel restless, agitated, impulsive, rebellious and/or on the edge.

It could enter our lives via sudden accidents, electric power cuts, earthquakes, or other people suddenly entering our lives and stirring up things, causing havoc or offering change and excitement. 

It could also be a (new) inner urge for more freedom and expressing oneself in a new eccentric way, and by this shocking others, not sticking to traditional rules… or shocking ourselves with unexpected decisions, our own unpredictable nature, esp if we usually don’t feel such urges to break free.

The fixed star Sheratan in the constellation of the Ram is conjunct Uranus. It is known to deliver injuries, unscrupulous defeat, destruction by fire, war or earthquake. The Uranian voltage topped with this I think it could be wise to be extra aware of our impulsive impulses and rushing about over the next 2 weeks.

Partnerships, personal and professional alike, are very likely challenged by this. Both parties need to trust, let go of control and give each other the needed space for freedom and independence and the changes each undertakes. Where this is not possible separation can likely be the result.

People having the natural ability to go with whatever changes happen in their lives will find this new moon easier than others. The ability and willingness to adapt and to face unexpected changes with an open heart  instead of resisting it, is the key.

Syrma asks to take responsibility for our spiritual power, and does give protection. So whatever the changes (lightening offers enlightenment…) it will be helpful to take the responsibility for them, no matter if it comes from outside or not. We are co-creating everything that is in our lives.

Photo: Hallie Larsen, National Park Service


October New Moon

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