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October Full Moon

Next full moon is Sunday 13th October, 21.08 UTC
Hunter‘s Moon (northern hemisphere), Flower Moon (southern hemisphere)
Moon 20.13 Aries (Sun 20.13 Libra)
Moon square Pluto (20.39 Capricorn) and Saturn (14.26 Capricorn), trine Jupiter (20.07 Sagittarius), conjunct minor fixed stars in the constellation of Andromeda.
This Full Moon offers a lot evolving, especially for those who don’t shy away from intense emotions and are courageous. Emotions we have been burying deeply are likely to come up/ come out of the box we have locked them into (for survival once, out of habit later). That is, the mild version, challenging. That can feel, the more dramatic version, fucking frightening, stirring up our chimerical fears and old wounds (situation that started the control of emotions). Yet, if we dare to work with it, we are given a great opportunity to grow and transform deeply.
Helpful is anything where we can give over our old emotional control patterns, so they literally can die. Fire is great as it is the fastest transformer we have, and after all it is an Aries Moon. In the earth the transformation takes longer but sometimes a burial ceremony to honour the emotional habits that served us once is needed…
Photo SgtSareth
October Full Moon

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