Author: Nicoline Eicke

Full Moon – 28.1.2021

the next Full Moon is on Thursday 28th January at 7.16 pm UT   Moon 9°05’ Leo (Sun 9°05’ Aquarius) opposite Saturn (4°53’ Aquarius) and Jupiter (9°17’ Aquarius), square Uranus (6°48’ Taurus), Mars (10°51’ Taurus) and Lilith (11°04’ Taurus), trine Chiron (5°47’ Aries), conjunct fixed star Ausellus Australis, the Southern (female) Donkey, in the constellation of Cancer – just […]

New Moon – 13th January 2021

The first New Moon this year is on Wednesday, 13th January at 5am UT   Moon and Sun are at 23°13’ Capricorn conjunct Pluto (24°35’ Capricorn), sextile Neptune (18°44’ Pisces), conjunct fixed stars Deneb Okab in the constellation of the Eagle and Peacock in the constellation of Pavo, and – taking a wide orb – conjunct Saturn (3°02’ Aquarius). If not taking a […]

Full Moon – 30th December 2020

the next full moon is on Wednesday 30th December at 3.28 am UT   Moon 8°53’ Cancer (Sun 8°53’ Capricorn) opposite Mercury (14°42’ Capricorn), sextile Lilith (7°46’ Taurus) and Uranus (6°49’ Taurus), square Chiron (5°02’ Aries), conjunct fixed star Alhena in the constellation of Gemini   the year began with a Cancer full moon and ends with one, […]

New Moon eclipse – 14.12.2020

The next New Moon is on 14th December at 4.16 pm UTand the second eclipse of the new eclipse season. It is a Total Solar eclipse – visible from Argentina, Chile, South Pacific, and South Atlantic. Moon and Sun 23°08′ Sagittariusconjunct Mercury (20°05′ Sagittarius), trine Mars (20°43′ Aries), sesquiquadrate Uranus (7°07′ rx Taurus), square Neptune […]

Message of the Spirit World – 20.11.2020

seeing and feeling the changing times, the clashing of the old structures with the not yet manifested new energies, our intention for this Friday’s tele study circle is to investigate, research, explore the unknown increasing energy and transformation taking place.  we have received information, teaching, guidance, healing regarding what we as humans can do so […]

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