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New Moon – 2.3.2022

The next New Moon is on Wednesday 2nd March at 5.35 UT pm Sun and Moon are at 12°06′ Pisces conjunct Jupiter (14°16′ Pisces), sextile Uranus (11°36′ Taurus), semisquare Venus (26°59′ Capricorn), Mars (27°21′ Capricorn) and Pluto (27°49′ Capricorn) This New Moon brings us the opportunity for growth – personal, spiritual and even material. We […]

Full Moon – 16.02.2022

the next Full Moon is on February 16th at 4.57 pm UTC   Moon is at 27° 59’ Leo (Sun 27°59’ Aquarius) quincunx Pluto (27°26’ Capricorn), square the nodes (North Node 26°57’ Taurus, South Node 26°57’ Scorpio), conjunct fixed stars Adhafera and  Al Jabhah in the Lion’s mane.   Just two hours before Venus and Mars went conjunct (16°55’ Capricorn) […]

Full Moon – 18.01.2022

The first Full Moon this year is on 18th January 2022 at 11.49 pm UT Moon is at 27°50′ Cancer (Sun 27°50′ Capricorn)opposite Pluto (26°29′ Capricorn), quincunx Mars (25°15′ Sagittarius), trine Neptune (21°02′ Pisces), sextile North Node (0°08’rx Gemini), conjunct the seventh brightest star in the sky, Procyon, in the constellation of the Lesser Dog, part […]

Full Moon – 17.12.2021

next Full Moon is 19th December at 4.35 am UT   Moon 27°28’ Gemini (Sun 27°28’ Sagittarius) trine Jupiter (28°10’ Aquarius), quincunx Venus (26°29’ Capricorn) and Pluto (25°32’m Capricorn), semisquare Uranus (11°12’ rx Taurus), sesquiquadrate Saturn (10°34′ Aquarius), conjunct fixed star Polaris in the constellation of the Lesser Bear and, the 9th brightest star on the sky, Bertelgeuse in the constellation […]

Super Mega New Moon Total Solar Eclipse – 4.12.2021

the next New Moon is on 4th December at 7.43 am UT   it is the Solar Eclipse following the Lunar eclipse of two weeks ago. they both open the new eclipse season. hold and intensify your intention!   it is also a Perigee New Moon, aka Super New Moon, i.e. the energies are amplified due […]

Full Moon – 20.10.2021

the next Full Moon is on 20th October at 2.56 pm UT   Moon is at 27°26’ Aries (Sun 27°26’ Libra) opposite Mars (23°20’ Libra), square Pluto (24°21’ Capricorn), sextile Jupiter (22°20’ Aquarius), sesquiquadrate Venus (14°06’ Sagittarius), semisquare Lilith (10°26’ Gemini), conjunct fixed star Al Pherg in the constellation Pisces.   intense and challenging weeks are ahead of […]

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