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December Full Moon

The next full moon is on Thursday, 12th December, at 6.11 am.
Moon is at 19.51 Gemini (Sun 19.51 Sagittarius)
Quincunx Venus (20.03 Capricorn), Saturn (19.09 Capricorn) and Pluto (21.45 Capricorn), semi square Uranus (3.01 rx Taurus), square Neptune (15.59 Pisces), square Lilith (24.50 Pisces), conjunct fixed star Bellatrix, the female warrior star in the constellation of Orion.
This is very likely not an easy full moon: tension in our emotional life, our love matters, our work life, our profession, our finances are possible manifestations. 
Our emotions and needs are intensified, we can have feelings of imbalance regarding giving and taking – both emotionally as well as financially, we can feel more sad, alone, isolated, deprived than usual.
It feels more difficult now to express our love and affections, which makes all relationship situations (private and professional) more stuck, restricted, bringing up more fears and anxieties.
Our relationships are tested, one could say. Where there is no trust, mutual respect and commitment but disloyalty, manipulative behaviour (jealousy, possessiveness, guilt causing, blaming, spying etc), separations will be the healthiest consequence.
A great way to work with this full moon is to invest extra effort in sorting out those areas in our lives that don‘t work anymore. Like a good house clean. And that includes all which has accumulated in linear time from 1982 (last Saturn Pluto conjunction (in Libra)) to now (the momentary Pluto Saturn conjunction is exact on 12th Januar 2020). Letting go of everything that binds us from the last cycle, especially what (painful, difficult, conflict-laden) relationships are concerned, is a wonderful way to work with this aspect over the next weeks.
Another positive side of this full moon is that it gives the possibility to understand one‘s own relationship dynamics (to our own body, to an intimate partner, to other people, to nature, to the cosmos) more deeply. 
It is the last moon of the current eclipse cycle. Another reason for completing things, bringing matters to a close, making clear choices and changes, so we don’t carry outlived stuff around anymore and so there is room for something new.
This full moon offers a high dose of Amazone energy. Combined with Lilith it gives courage and great power to fight back, to not longer tolerate, to speak up what old patriarchal patterns are concerned – it goes without saying: those are within ourselves as much as in the outer world.
So, all in all a great moon for working hard and making an effort to look close and honestly what we have been creating and what can go now….
image credit: pezibear from pixabay
December Full Moon

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