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Message from the Spirit World – 24.7.2020

Because the “homework” of the tele study circle of the 10th July was to shed all unhealthy fears, we had a break to work with this intention. This work needs a lot more time, needs to be continued, but nevertheless we continued on the 24th July.

Over these two weeks more evil practices and future plans have become known. We have to look at all those horrible things that have been going on for centuries and at those which are likely to be part of the controlling societies we are going to live in. We can‘t look away, we know about the power of being a witness. And we also have to stay focused in the light. The art is to witness without stepping into the horrors, without falling off the rainbow net. 

Our intention of the tele study circle thus was about that balance: to experience it during the one hour of being in sacred space, to receive medicine, guidance, information from the spirits how best to live this and how to navigate in this balance through the time ahead of us. 

The coagulation of the received answers was the following:

Looking at your heart is the same as looking at the Earth
The blackness, the poison, the destruction of both go hand in hand, and equally their healing
Within and without, without and within

Die out of blaming and fighting yourself, your ancestors, the government, the child abusers, the church, the pharmaceuticals …
Die out of the destructive suffering, the judgements
Dance with death

Die out of the familiar structures, your identifications
Die out of the comfort, the false security
Die out of the paralysing fear

Bring your mundane and spiritual life into balance
Centre yourself in the middle of the six directions and
Open up to gyroscopic awareness

To live in balance you have to heal your heart, let the poison ooze out 
so you can love yourself – and thus the Earth
Look up to the stars and drink the milk of the Milky Way 

Activate your pineal gland and step through the door
into the star gate of your divine body
Experience this yet unknown state of being

Practice being light
Practice being light
Practice being light

Enter the path of the ancient gods 
Become familiar with it and the many light beings around you
Remember: You are a child of the gods

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Message from the Spirit World – 24.7.2020

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