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The Truth about Vaccines – 2

Episode 2 of the seven part docu-series The Truth about vaccines by Charlene and Ty Bollinger

How are vaccines being tested?

No true placebo is used in vaccine trials. In most cases what is in the placebo is not described. The placebo is usually another vaccine or everything which is in a vaccine apart from the antigen.

Risk groups are excluded from these trials, but then the vaccines are given to those who are sensitive. Therefore, true risks of vaccines cannot be evaluated.



  • Chicken embryos
  • Animal tissues
  • Antibiotics
  • Heavy metals
  • Foetus materials
  • Foreign DNA particles – study 2005: no information, whether that could lead to an ‘event’ (cancer, cell death, inflammation)
  • Triton surfactant (toxic chemical in flu shots)
  • Formaldehyde (can cause cancer, esp. leukaemia in children)
  • MSG monosodium glutamate (excites toxins – overstimulates cell receptors – can lead to seizures)
  • Human and animal tissue – live vaccines are grown on this (kidney tissues, brain tissue…)
  • Glyphosate (carcinogen). Insidious. Accumulative. Opens up brain and gut barrier. Leaky gut. Leaky brain
  • Antifreeze
  • Polysorbate 20
  • Polysorbate 80 – surfactant to disperse all the vaccine ingredients evenly. Opens the blood-brain barrier. Attaches strongly to Aluminium. Could have an effect on the reproductive capability (known in animals, no human data found). Mutagenic. Carcinogenic.
  • Polysorbate 80 is in DTaP, influenza, meningococcal, pneumococcal, rotavirus.
  • Aluminium (different to Aluminium you inhale or ingest). This passes into the brain. Binds to bacteria and viruses and ends up in the brain. Vaccine materials go into the brain. Hep A, Hep B, HPV, pneumococcal, DTaP, Hib. Increased auto-immune reaction, food allergies, Lupus, etc. It is in nano-particle form (bound tightly to Polysobate 80). Stays inside the cells for years. Ingesting is very different to injecting (the latter opens the blood-brain barrier). Parenteral (anything not given orally) vs. enteral ingestion/injection. The safety data given by the CDC is related to enteral (but in vaccines parenteral is used – injection). Children who receive HepB at birth receive 20 times the FDA recommended dose of Aluminium. By two months of age it is 50 times the recommended FDA level.
  • Thimerosal (to prevent contamination of phials; 50% ethyl mercury; in influenza shots. But also still in most vaccines in trace amounts). Mercury and aluminium potentiate its effects by leading to death of nerve cells. ‘Thimerosal free’ vaccinations can still contain 600 parts per billion. 2parts per billion is the limit for drinking water. 200parts per billion is considered toxic waste. 1 parts per billion is toxic to neurons. Affects fertility, leads to birth defects; mutagenic.
  • We have no safety data on any of these. We have studies which show quite the opposite.


The CDC quotes six studies which exonerate mercury from causing harm in vaccines. All studies are weak and fraudulent, among them one from Paul Thorson (2003 study), who is on the run from Interpol and the FBI for theft and other misdemeanours. He used research money given to him ($1 million) for private purposes. He is still working in Denmark.


1 in 6 children have now neurodevelopmental problems.

1 in 50 autism. (Expected figure for 2032 – 1 in 2)

1 in 10 ADHD.

1 in 20 below the age of 5 with seizures.

The earlier the exposure to vaccine, the greater the risk for autism.

Therefore, a much safer vaccine schedule could be established by delaying and spreading vaccines (see Dr.Paul Thomas).

People with low immunity – have low response to vaccine (therefore, adjuvants to stimulate an inflammatory response are used). For this group vaccines are dangerous, because of their low immune status.

People with high immunity react strongly to vaccines, but don’t need it, because of their healthy immune systems.

ICD 9 codes (look up)

Neurodevelopment of children is interrupted in its proper sequence (language problems, not sitting still, not focussing, weak muscles, lack of coordination)


Live viruses: chickenpox, MMR, shingles.


Antibody formation has nothing to do with protection.


POLIO – What’s the story?

It is a gastro-intestinal virus. There are many other viruses causing paralysis.

95% of polio cases are asymptomatic.

1% paralysis for a month or so. 4-5% of the 1% have lifelong paralysis. A very rare event indeed.

DDT and Arsenic can bring on similar symptoms to polio. (anterior horn spinal disease).

Graphs show that spikes of DDT use go hand in hand with spikes of Polio.


Change of diagnostic criteria (to first make polio appear more frequently, then to make it disappear)

Once the polio vaccine came out, it became much more difficult to diagnose cases of polio – due to a change of diagnostic criteria. Before vaccination, anybody could make the diagnosis, which was usually done 24 hrs apart. If there was temporary paralysis of one or more limbs, it could be diagnosed as polio. Afterwards blood and stool tests had to be done, and the person was diagnosed twice (after 60 days the second time). If the paralysis was gone after 60 days, it was not deemed to be polio (it is well known that most cases resolve within 60 days). Aseptic meningitis was taken off the (polio) diagnostic books. By changing the criteria in such a way, a huge part of the polio cases disappeared, which was put down to vaccination. The number needed in order to call an epidemic was increased so that also polio epidemics disappeared.


There are inactivated (virus) and live virus vaccines.

Cutter polio incident – inactivated vaccine was only partially inactivated. It was injected. This caused polio. Over 40 000 people were infected, many died.

Simian virus 40 (SV40) – is in inactivated polio. Polio virus was cultivated on monkey’s kidneys. SV40 causes cancers in hamsters. Bernice Eddy alerted to the fact that a carcinogen is injected into a huge part of the population. She lost her laboratory and position.

In the 1990s researchers found that SV40 DNA could be found in tumours in children of infected parents. Eddy’s suspicions were more than confirmed.


The problem with the oral polio vaccine is that it sheds. It infects many people.

India: 47 000 cases of polio vaccine related paralysis.

US: Transverse myelitis hundreds of cases – that used to be called polio.

The Truth about Vaccines – 2

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