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Message from the Spirit World – 10.7.2020

“The fear of what other people think is the state of perception that stops people from making a difference. You can only make a difference in a world of uniformity if you operate outside of that uniformity. We either take that on or we don’t, in which case nothing changes. we are now at this place where we can go down one track and experience freedom like we’ve never even understood what freedom is. We go down the other one, the one that the control structure wants, then we are headed for an Orwellian-faschist global state.“

“Ultimately it is we who have the power to create what we want as a society. When we tune into our true potential, anything is possible. Fear will not create this change; it will only feed the old systems, which the ruling class have already established. love will be the forerunner for the fast approaching new Earth.“

Based on the last coagulation and on these quotations, our intention for the tele study circle was: to allow the spirits to ‚work‘ on us, remove our fears from us, so that all fear flows out of us. and than to look into the mirror – how do we look then, free from all fear? how does our life look like then? how is it when we live without fear of scarcity, without fear of destruction, etc. without all these over millennia contracted fears?

The coagulation of all received answers was:

more than eighty percent of your fear is not of natural origin. 
it is made by beings you would call evil or satanic
it is used manipulatively
it keeps you small
it exploits and controls you
you only think it is natural because it has been with you for millennia.

all these fears root in only one lie you agreed to believe:
that death is to be feared as you were not eternal.
erase that belief. erase that belief. erase that belief.
practice activating your pineal gland
practice activating your unused brain cells
practice activating your perceptions.

depending on the age and repetition of these fears
some of these fears can be simply pulled out 
while others can only be transformed by ancient mighty fires.
let the dragon fire burn through your mental, emotional and physical body.
all of these fears have to go. all of them.
from your personal fears through the fears in your ancestral lines all the way back through the millennia to where you have taken the wrong turn.

because so many of these fears have been in your system for so very long
being free of them can feel like being a raw egg, a baby, a toddler.
that is why you best take time off to
laugh with the norns, pandits, and rishis
sing with the devotees, planets, and crystals 
play with the animals, plants and fey.

revisit your spirits regularly to make sure
all these ‘unhealthy” fears are over and done with
you are light, transparent, golden
you live with an open heart and the access to the book of wisdom
you can experience oneness with all creation.

it is then when you have direct contact with your „healthy“ fear
which is created from the divine creation power
which is your ally, your sharp senses, your unfailing instincts, your powers of anticipation
which automatically is accompanied by courage, deep trust, security, being housed in creation
which is your ability to make the right judgment of fight or flight in a dangerous situation
and if you have to fight makes you fight to the end.

it is then when you are
the hag in her holy ecstatic madness 
the fool dancing fearlessly at the edge
the free divine warrior/ness 
you in your whole being 
experiencing joy, levity, limitlessness, curiosity, universal divine insight.

it is then when together you are 
manifesting a world full of joy and cooperativeness 
where every being is 
fully relaxed and open
fully responsible for him/herself
fully showing up.

image credit: mikegi/pixabay

Message from the Spirit World – 10.7.2020

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