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Full Moon Eclipse – 30 November 2020

The next Full Moon is on 30th November at 9.29 am UT
and opens the next eclipse season 

Moon is 8°38’ Gemini (Sun 8°38’ Sagittarius)
quincunx Venus (10°57’ Scorpio), semi sextile Uranus (7°32’ rx Taurus), sesquiquadrate Pluto (23°15’ Capricorn) and Jupiter (26°01’ Capricorn), sextile Chiron (5°03’ rx Aries), conjunct the divine Royal fixed star Aldebaran in the constellation of the Bull (which puts the Sun with its opposite Royal star Antares)

This prenumbal lunar eclipse and the total solar eclipse two weeks later are going to set the tone for the next half year (till 26th May 2021). 

This Full Moon eclipse offers unexpected eruptive change, most likely in the areas of communication, beliefs, concepts, values, relationships and finance. This leaves us with more change than we already have to deal with, but used wisely it gives us a good precondition for the new Jupiter Saturn cycle starting at the winter solstice (and lasting for the next 20 years).

The eclipse will be visible in Asia, Australia, Pacific, America.

It is quite certain that we are going to experience some highly charged weeks with change, uncertainties, an inner urge to break free, outer breaking, and nervous tension.

Resistance won’t bring us far. Neither fear. The best we can do is to be open and willing to adjust, to drop the mind (it has no clue what is going on) into the heart and act from there, to be flexible, to strengthen our light body and physical body (resting whenever possible – the cellular change taking place is exhausting), to expand our awareness – as much as possible. 

Find your core-trust (in yourself and creation), trust the change in your bodies as much as the breaks and changes in the outer-world of partners, friends, acquaintances, work, social /political /financial structures. No matter how tight, restricting and controlling the outer world is getting, the expansion of our awareness of our own true power and of the connection with all creation and of the true nature of time and space can’t be limited. 

So go for it. Leave the familiar well known old world with joy. Let it crumble, break apart. This is a massive time for spiritual awakening. The more we allow the old structures to break, and the new energies to change us, the more we can expand and build new structures with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction coming up. For the new we first have to make space by letting go of the old… no matter how dramatic and painful this making-space is going to manifest, it clears the path to move forward – into more balanced and true communication, relationships, and self.

Use the Full Moon Window between Sunday (1st advent) and Tuesday to clear your path from the old emotional, mental and external patterns holding you back by walking the eighth, meditating, making a ceremonial fire, etc.


image credit: Elias Sch / pixabay

Full Moon Eclipse – 30 November 2020

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