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Month: November 2020

Message of the Spirit World – 20.11.2020

seeing and feeling the changing times, the clashing of the old structures with the not yet manifested new energies, our intention for this Friday’s tele study circle is to investigate, research, explore the unknown increasing energy and transformation taking place.  we have received information, teaching, guidance, healing regarding what we as humans can do so […]

Message from the Spirit World – 13.11.2020

while writing the last blog article I realised how important the shadow work and the dying out of the limiting structures, identifications is and although we have already digged deep and transformed a lot in the Study Circle since March, we have not reached bottom yet. so the intention for the tele study circle was to gain […]

Full Moon Eclipse – 30 November 2020

The next Full Moon is on 30th November at 9.29 am UTand opens the next eclipse season  Moon is 8°38’ Gemini (Sun 8°38’ Sagittarius)quincunx Venus (10°57’ Scorpio), semi sextile Uranus (7°32’ rx Taurus), sesquiquadrate Pluto (23°15’ Capricorn) and Jupiter (26°01’ Capricorn), sextile Chiron (5°03’ rx Aries), conjunct the divine Royal fixed star Aldebaran in the constellation of […]

New Moon – 15 November 2020

The next New Moon is on 15th November at 5.07 am UT   Moon and Sun are at 23°17’ Scorpio   sextile Pluto (22°54’ Capricorn), Jupiter (23°15’ Capricorn) and Saturn (27°06’ Capricorn), half sextile Venus (22°10’ Libra), trine Neptune (18°13’ rx Pisces), conjunct the fixed stars Unukalhai in the constellation of the Serpent and Agena in the constellation of the Centaur   […]

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