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Message from the Spirit World – 13.11.2020

while writing the last blog article I realised how important the shadow work and the dying out of the limiting structures, identifications is and although we have already digged deep and transformed a lot in the Study Circle since March, we have not reached bottom yet. so the intention for the tele study circle was to gain a bit more strength and power and to find out more about the magnificence of our true Self – by doing a bit of alchemical work, by changing a bit of lead into gold….

An exercise one can do more than once, resp should do often: Imagine you stand in front of the mirror, resp you step in front of the mirror; and it shows you your shadow. Your fears. All that makes you tremble, scars you to show yourself, gives you the feeling of being less important, causes you to feel pain, activates the need for outer confirmation. Your addictions, expectations, limiting beliefs. And then you step into the mirror or, choose what is best for you, let the shadow step out of the mirror, and embrace your shadow (the alchemical moment).
In case the mirror is not working for you, you can alternatively place yourself (as lead) into the alchemical flask and light the fire underneath.

The coagulation of all answers of the tele study circle produced the following:
come to the mirror and look at yourself 
again and again and again
gather your courage and look at your wrath and anger, your arrogance and self-importance, your hatred and judgement, your weakness and homelessness, your endless grief
look at the weight and density you have created over thousands of years. 
believing you could only survive by it – yet it only made your shadow survive
you have started to hate those misusing their power since the moment you gave your power away
you have started to hide and make yourself small and forgotten since the same moment 
you have made yourself believe to be unworthy of the Divine
you have tried to claim back your power in bullying others and feeling self-important
your shadows are alive and full of wisdom
listen to their stories, your stories, from this life and beyond. 
stories of power that has been cut off by yourself, 
while you run away, trying to escape the pain, trying to freeze it into ice
these stories cannot die but wait for your earthly return
they are the power that calls you back and cuts your angel wings 
they can and will only rest when you stop running
and embrace them
that is when the miracle, the mystery, the alchemy happens
when the doors of the ancient temples open
when the snake swallows its tail 
when the impossible becomes possible
in your embrace they transform and with it you, too
slowly, with each embrace, the books of the old stories close
the dense ice melts and
the long forgotten vows and curses burn to fertile ashes 
you have to do this – you cannot think it, read about it, or have someone else do it for you. 
only by you doing this, again and again, are you experiencing their and your transformed nature
your love, your light, your power
which then envelops you, fills every cell of your body and like a rainbow radiates out of you, spills over into your surroundings
this true self of yours makes you open-hearted, happy and joyful
it infuses you with nature
it lifts you up, straightens your back bone, creates more space in your chest
it lets you find your home on earth, tranquil, full of trust, at ease
you are more present and at the same time less attached 
you live with the earth and at the same time you feel your angelic nature
unashamed of what you once have done
unashamed of your gold, your worth, your power – something so natural
come to the mirror and look at yourself again 
the open of a friend and bee sister of mine describes it also well:
darkness, inner work

if you knew that this darkness
this holding
this stopping
this not knowing
this separation, social distancing
this questioning,
what is my life about,
this falling apart,
this digging through your past
and releasing
this change that is pushing on you
this fighting

will stop soon,
would you not want to take advantage of it
to set yourself free?
its the perfect shape to do so,
in fact this is the shape of change

a whole new life is waiting
a whole new way is coming

listen to the small voice within you
your wisdom

land inside your pain,
your body
don’t keep running,
hungry for what?
afraid of what?
going where?

is your landing spot
to belong, to love, to be
inside your own vessel
fragile yes
yes vulnerable

by design
we are

~ gisela stromeyer
image credit: Simon Geisl / pixabay
Message from the Spirit World – 13.11.2020

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