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Full Moon – 28.1.2021

the next Full Moon is on Thursday 28th January at 7.16 pm UT
Moon 9°05’ Leo (Sun 9°05’ Aquarius)
opposite Saturn (4°53’ Aquarius) and Jupiter (9°17’ Aquarius), square Uranus (6°48’ Taurus), Mars (10°51’ Taurus) and Lilith (11°04’ Taurus), trine Chiron (5°47’ Aries), conjunct fixed star Ausellus Australis, the Southern (female) Donkey, in the constellation of Cancer – just next to the Beehive (M44, Praesaepe, Manger, the Great Gate of men) on the Crab’s back
the Moon in that area of the sky means “to navigate“ and I hope that we as mankind find good ways to navigate through these times of massive change
Ausellus Australis is also called a resting place, the ending or stop. and for the Chinese this area governs departed spirits, missing people, cemeteries, buried treasure, and thus is good for memorial services. so a good question to ponder on is what needs to be put at rest, what needs to stop, to end?! not just globally (some of those things seem obvious) but personally as well. so that we as an individuals can make the transition into – well, we don’t know as it has never been before, resp we can’t say as there are no words for it yet , but: we can have a sense, a feeling, a deep bone knowing because we are divine and that part does know, knows exactly what it means to be a body of light. as with so many things, it is the mind that is stuck and lost….
the Moon with Ausellus Australis is also known for ill-health; defective sight, hearing, speech; bad business; loss of friends; trouble through enemies
apart from those things to reflect upon, to sit with, to dream with, to journey on, etc, this Full Moon is mainly full of tension. saturn-sun-jupiter square uranus-mars-lilith square moon opposite saturn-sun-jupiter makes a big nice tight t-square. 
what we are going to meet and go through over the next two weeks can range from restrictions, control, stifled personal needs over frustration, passion, rising temper, impulsiveness, enthusiasm, risk-taking, lack of self-control, over-confidence, recklessness, urge to break out of familiar – esp suppressing, unequal – structures, accidents, violence, temper tantrums to new visions, questioning of familiar beliefs.  the old king is not completely dead yet and the new king not yet in power. we are still in transition time – which is excellent for inner work.
the best advice for this is:
– find a „good“ healthy outlet for the frustration and anger
– be courageous and look at the underlying causes for feeling angry and threatened
– avoid rash action, to consider the consequences of our daring decisions/actions
– find our personal balance between caution and bravado
– become aware of any personal immoral/egoistic behaviour and any personal mistreating of the earth and any of her creation incl our own body
– be open-minded for new visions without judgement and prejudice but also checking that the consequences are not violating the universal laws before jumping into the new endeavour
use the Moon window between Wednesday and Friday and – with all your courage to purify some more – journey, meditate, walk on the eternal path of the lemniscate
image credit: Pezibear / pixabay
Full Moon – 28.1.2021

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