Year: 2021

Full Moon – 17.12.2021

next Full Moon is 19th December at 4.35 am UT   Moon 27°28’ Gemini (Sun 27°28’ Sagittarius) trine Jupiter (28°10’ Aquarius), quincunx Venus (26°29’ Capricorn) and Pluto (25°32’m Capricorn), semisquare Uranus (11°12’ rx Taurus), sesquiquadrate Saturn (10°34′ Aquarius), conjunct fixed star Polaris in the constellation of the Lesser Bear and, the 9th brightest star on the sky, Bertelgeuse in the constellation […]

Full Moon – 20.10.2021

the next Full Moon is on 20th October at 2.56 pm UT   Moon is at 27°26’ Aries (Sun 27°26’ Libra) opposite Mars (23°20’ Libra), square Pluto (24°21’ Capricorn), sextile Jupiter (22°20’ Aquarius), sesquiquadrate Venus (14°06’ Sagittarius), semisquare Lilith (10°26’ Gemini), conjunct fixed star Al Pherg in the constellation Pisces.   intense and challenging weeks are ahead of […]

New Moon – 6.10.2021

the next New Moon is on 6th October at 11.05 am UT   Moon and Sun are at 13°24’ Libra conjunct Mars (13°58’ Libra) and Mercury (20°17’ rx Libra), quincunx Uranus (13°55’ rx Taurus), semisquare Venus (28°54’ Scorpio), opposite Chiron (10°31’ rx Aries), trine Lilith (8°52’ Gemini), conjunct fixed star Algorab in the constellation of Corvus, the Raven.  […]

Full Moon – 20.09.2021

the next Full Moon is on 20th September at 11.55pm UT   Moon is at 28°13’ Pisces (Sun 28°13’ Virgo) semisquare Uranus (14°23’ Taurus), conjunct Neptune (21°36’ rx Pisces), sextile Pluto (24°22’ rx Capricorn), sesquiquadrate Venus (11°35’ Scorpio), opposite Mars (3°52’ Libra), conjunct the fixed stars Scheat, on the leg in the constellation of Pegasus, and Azelfafage, the […]

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