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New Moon – 11.2.2021

The next New Moon is on 11th Feb at 7.05pm UT
Moon and Sun are 23°16’ Aquarius
semisextile Pluto (25°32’ Capricorn), square Mars (18°25’ Taurus), conjunct Mercury (16°16’ rx Aquarius), conjunct fixed star Sadalsuud in the constellation of the water-pourer and Deneb Algedi in the constellation of the Sea Goat.
Although touched by the Luckiest of the Lucky, the Star of Mighty Destiny, Fortuna Fortunarum, and the Fortunate One, Bringer of good Tidings, the promising new beginnings of this New Moon won’t happen smoothly and easily. Retrograde Mercury and both rulers of the Moon, Saturn (6°32’) and Uranus (7°04’ Taurus), in square will slow down and restrict the changes we like to make and which feel so promising and right and necessary…
Instead of forcing the change, try to be as patient as possible and keep holding your visions in focus. Step by step, slowly, even maybe with tow step forward and one back and some stillness in between, the opportunities will turn into manifestation. While plodding along, keep checking which impulses for stripping yourself free are genuine, deeply desired, in accordance with your soul’s yearning, and which are „just“ fighting against what is there. 
I invite you to ponder on this: the human body is mainly made of water. our body is a sacred tool. water will even set in motion the face of heaven and the starry habitations, and will cause the skies to move in a novel rotation…. so this New Moon seems to be a wonderful opportunity to go inward and find some of those “divine springs under the ground and conduct them above“; to spend time with the “thousand crafts regulated by water and to transform the flow of water so as to spray the very stars“.
The Wheel of fortune is turning, even ever so slowly….
Use the three day window of the Moon between 10th and 12th Feb – journey, walk the eighth, meditate etc – to immerse into the water and let the craft of the water transform you, set energies in motion that were suppressed, restricted, blocked, unloved, unlived… 
image credit: InspiredImages / pixabay
New Moon – 11.2.2021

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