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November Full Moon

The next full moon is 12th November at 1.34 pm UTC
It is called Beaver Moon or Frosty Moon for the Northern hemisphere.
Moon is 19°51’ Taurus (sun 19°51’ Scorpio), opposite Mercury (17°42’ rx Scorpio), trine Pluto (21°01’ Capricorn) and Saturn (16°17’ Capricorn), sextile Neptune (15°49’ rx Pisces), 
This full Moon is Opening an absolutely great Window regarding dreaming, manifesting dreams, making them real. We only need enough (best plenty) of quiet time, to still our mind, to deeply connect to our dreams.
Mercury is conjunct the Sun on 11th November, passing through the Sun. This “mini” eclipse has the same effect like a total solar eclipse, with the only difference is that the sun light isn’t blocked out as it is by the Moon because Mercury is so tiny. 
It is best to find as much time on Monday as possible to meditate, reflect, ponder about one’s dreams. so that the intention is absolutely clear what of our intense, deep, transformative dreams we want to come true.
Over the next 2 weeks communication might be bit challenging. Telling others about one’s feelings and/or thoughts can be difficult, so be aware of misunderstandings and/or arguments. Likewise to understand oneself, what one feels versus what one thinks could be confusing.
The mini-eclipse is excellent to get a deeper understanding about one’s mind and one’s consciousness, and to deepen and widen one’s consciousness. Next time we get that window (Mercury eclipsing the Sun) will be 2032. 
Image credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls (Beaver Moon rising over the Syr Darya river near the Baikonur Cosmodrome spaceport in Kazakhstan on Nov. 13, 2016)
November Full Moon

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