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Full Moon Lunar eclipse

Happy joyous magical fun new 2020 !

A year asking for absolutely new and unknown roads to be created, travelled, and new realms/worlds/world views to be discovered, integrated, lived. 
The first full moon this year is 10th January at 7.21pm UTC,
which is also a penumbral lunar eclipse (part of the Moon will appear darker as the full Moon passes through the faint outer edge (penumbra) of the Earth’s shadow. More information about the eclipse, where it’s visible etc here.
Moon is at 20.00 Cancer (Sun 20.00 Capricorn),
sesquiquadrate Mars (5.59 Sagittarius), opposite (out of bounds) Mercury (20.06 Capricorn), Saturn (22.33 Capricorn), Pluto (22.42 Capricorn), trine Neptune (16.28 Pisces), conjunct fixed star Castor in the constellation of Gemini.
Quite intense for a full moon, double so as it’s an eclipse. And as that, together with the solar eclipse from last new moon in December, it opens the new eclipse season lasting till 5th June.
Unless one loves drama, it is best to be as aware as possible of our own emotions and even if we sometimes don’t understand them ourselves to embrace and own them full-heartedly. So the old ways of feeling guilty or useless or worthless have no chance.
It is also wise to be aware of how we communicate, especially our emotions, so as to avoid misunderstandings, arguments, conflicts, possibly even violence.
It is likely that one can get upset, fall into melancholy, get caught in loops of negative thinking, become jealous, be led (bound) by fears, feel overburdened by duties, responsibilities and the like. 
Remembering to trust our intuition and to have compassion (at first for our own emotions) is helpful as well as any spiritual practice one has established. 
If we are open for it, with Mercury outside the boundaries of the Sun and with Uranus stationing direct we can gain new perspectives and a deeper understanding for the collective destiny. It is a great time to allow our imagination to run wild, think outside the status quo, act outside the box, live rebel energies, be a wild card, and thus creating new perceptions, new possibilities, fun, liberation and freedom.
We have the choice, every moment, whether we dare or whether we fall into the old traps of misery and “victimship”. It is up to us what we sow and what will grow and be fulfilled over the next half year. 
The great option of Saturn reminding us of having full responsibility for our lives is that the more we choose and feel responsible for levity and fun and openness for absolutely new encounters, the more we create these things and the more we dream a new world into existence. It takes a while till the new plant has grown to full height. New seeds we sow need daily care in the beginning, we need to apply daily practice. After a while the plant will be big and produce seeds itself and multiply… ….
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Full Moon Lunar eclipse

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