New Moon – September 2020

The next New Mon is tomorrow, 17th September, 11am UT   Moon and Sun are at 25°00′ Virgo trine Saturn (25°27’ rx Capricorn) and Pluto (22°33’ rx Capricorn), sesquiquadrate Uranus (10°15’ rx Taurus), square the Nodes (24°31’ Gemini/Sagittarius), quincunx Lilith (26°12’ Aries) and Mars (27°43’ rx Aries), opposite Neptune (19°23’ rx Pisces), conjunct the fixed […]

Full Moon September 2020

Next Full Moon is 2nd September, 5.22 am UT   Moon 10.12 Pisces (Sun 10.12 Virgo) sextile Uranus (10.33 rx Taurus), sesquiquadrate Venus (25.35 Cancer), semisquare Lilith (24.30 Aries), Mars (27.42 Aries) and Saturn (25.55 rx Capricorn), conjunct Neptune (19.48 rx Pisces) , conjunct fixed stars in the constellation of the Water Bearer.   Change […]

New Moon August 2020

The next New Moon is 19th August, 2.42 am UTC Moon and Sun are 26°35’ Leo,conjunct Mercury (28°07’ Leo), quincunx Saturn (26°38 rx Capricorn), trine Mars (24°54’ Aries) and Lilith (22°56’ Aries), semisquare Venus (10°59’ Cancer), sextile North Node (27°26’ Gemini), conjunct fixed stars Alfard in the constellation of the water snake, Adhafera (! also been called the funeral pyre) […]

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