New Moon – 12.04.2021

The next New Moon is on Monday 12th April at 2.31 am UT   Moon and Sun are at 22°24’ Aries sextile Mars (23°06’ Gemini) and Jupiter (25°18’ Aquarius), square Pluto (26°44’ Capricorn), conjunct Venus (26°42’ Aries), Mercury (14°57’ Aries) and fixed star Baten Kaitos in the constellation of Cetus, The Whale   This New Moon speaks of […]

Full Moon – 28.03.2021

the next Full Moon is Sunday 28th March at 6.48 pm UT    Moon is at 8°18’ Libra (Sun 8°18’ Aries) opposite Chiron (8°49’ Aries) and Venus (8°56’ Aries), quincunx Uranus (8°50’), sesquiquadrate Jupiter (22°35’ Aquarius), trine Saturn (11°07’ Aquarius), out-of-bounds-Mars (14°31’ Gemini) and the North Node (12°53′ rx Gemini), conjunct fixed star Diadem in the constellation […]

New Moon – 13.03.2021

the next New Moon is on Saturday 13th March, 10.21 am UT   Moon and Sun are at 23°03’ Pisces   conjunct Neptune (20°43’ Pisces) and Venus (19°49’ Pisces), sextile Pluto (26°19’ Capricorn), semi square Saturn (9°44’ Aquarius) and Uranus (8°06’ Taurus), conjunct fixed star Markab in the constellation of Pegasus   my guess is that over the […]

Full Moon – 27.2.2021

The next Full Moon is on Saturday, 27th Feb at 8.17 am UT   Moon is at 8°57’ Virgo (Sun 8°57’ Pisces) opposite Venus (2°14’ Pisces), trine Uranus (7°32’ Taurus), quincunx Saturn (8°17’ Aquarius), conjunct fixed star Alioth in the constellation Ursa Major   This Full Moon illuminates the big tension we have to deal with during the […]

New Moon – 11.2.2021

The next New Moon is on 11th Feb at 7.05pm UT   Moon and Sun are 23°16’ Aquarius semisextile Pluto (25°32’ Capricorn), square Mars (18°25’ Taurus), conjunct Mercury (16°16’ rx Aquarius), conjunct fixed star Sadalsuud in the constellation of the water-pourer and Deneb Algedi in the constellation of the Sea Goat.   Although touched by the Luckiest of the Lucky, […]

New Moon – September 2020

The next New Mon is tomorrow, 17th September, 11am UT   Moon and Sun are at 25°00′ Virgo trine Saturn (25°27’ rx Capricorn) and Pluto (22°33’ rx Capricorn), sesquiquadrate Uranus (10°15’ rx Taurus), square the Nodes (24°31’ Gemini/Sagittarius), quincunx Lilith (26°12’ Aries) and Mars (27°43’ rx Aries), opposite Neptune (19°23’ rx Pisces), conjunct the fixed […]

Full Moon September 2020

Next Full Moon is 2nd September, 5.22 am UT   Moon 10.12 Pisces (Sun 10.12 Virgo) sextile Uranus (10.33 rx Taurus), sesquiquadrate Venus (25.35 Cancer), semisquare Lilith (24.30 Aries), Mars (27.42 Aries) and Saturn (25.55 rx Capricorn), conjunct Neptune (19.48 rx Pisces) , conjunct fixed stars in the constellation of the Water Bearer.   Change […]

New Moon August 2020

The next New Moon is 19th August, 2.42 am UTC Moon and Sun are 26°35’ Leo,conjunct Mercury (28°07’ Leo), quincunx Saturn (26°38 rx Capricorn), trine Mars (24°54’ Aries) and Lilith (22°56’ Aries), semisquare Venus (10°59’ Cancer), sextile North Node (27°26’ Gemini), conjunct fixed stars Alfard in the constellation of the water snake, Adhafera (! also been called the funeral pyre) […]

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