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Change bringing February New Moon

The next New Moon is on Sunday 23rd February at 3.32pm UTC
Moon and Sun are at 4.28 Pisces
conjunct Mercury (9.24 rx Pisces), sextile Mars (4.56 Capricorn), sextile Uranus (3.27 Taurus), conjunct one of the 4 archangel fixed stars, Fomalhaud, watcher of the South.
All New Moons are great times to start something new, but this one really asks for it. 

We will be supported in radical changes, taking risks, breaking out of restrictions/old trodden secure paths/routines/relationships which keep one small and neat and controlled.

Expect the unexpected is a good advice. 
Dare, be confident, direct, courageous, experimenting, curious, inventive, and open for new discoveries.
Trust your instincts, open up for insights, increase your self-awareness, learn new things (also about yourself), find new ways of expressing yourself.

Mercury is retrograde, so it is not the best time yet to communicate the new discoveries outward but keep them for some more time inward. In case you feel like a pot nearly exploding: a great outlet for the energies are all types of sport, martial arts, physical activities, exercises, labour, e.g. a very good one (Mars and Uranus are in Earth signs) is gardening – which also brings the advantage of an outer communication: with Mother Nature : ) 
Watching the sunrise is (always but particularly now) also helpful as it links to ancient (Eleusian) sunrise worship.
There are many ways to find one’s way into this. Meditating, walking the eight, drumming. Whatever your way is, enjoy your discoveries to the fullest!
image: Fomalhaut, the star around which the newly discovered planet orbits. Fomalhaut is much hotter than our Sun, 15 times as bright, and lies 25 light-years from Earth. It is blazing through hydrogen at such a furious rate that it will burn out in only one billion years, 10% the lifespan of our star. The field of view is 2.7 x 2.9 degrees.
Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Digitized Sky Survey 2. Acknowledgment: Davide De Martin (ESA/Hubble)
Change bringing February New Moon

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