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Marsian Full Moon during Imbolc

Next Full Moon is on 9th February at 7.33am UTC.
Moon is at 20.00 Leo (Sun 20.00 Aquarius)
trine Mars (25.04 Sagittarius), conjunct fixed stars Merak and Tania Borealis in the constellation of Ursa Major.
The message of this Full Moon is quite straight forward with its abundance of Marsian energies. How appropriate for having just entered Imbolc, the returning of the light, of the first new actions of nature after the long and dark sleep of the winter.
This Full Moon is a great time for action, for being initiative and to follow one’s urges and impulses, for being (or learning to be) bold and for asserting oneself – in a direct and honest way (not being bossy and selfishly ignoring others).
It supports being courageous and initiative, being in charge of one’s life and to increase one’s own power to lead it, to be in command. 
We can increase our confidence in ourselves, in our own impulses, in our straight forwardness. So all those attributes of a “healthy“ warrior/ness, leader, king/queen.
This Full Moon also offers a way into exploring masculine (direct) energy in its best qualities. I think, that if we dare to, this Full Moon gives us the great opportunity to connect back in our lineage to those who were not castrated, defiled, broken, shunned, quieted, tied etc. 

Apart from watching out not to be selfish, rude, bossy etc, another downside of this full moon is when we suppress all of our impulses and urges and actions but hold back instead. Then it is likely not only to manifest in self-control but also in mistrust, suspicion, becoming more and more uneasy, and reacting with anger and revenge when being roused… or/and it comes into our life via others who are free and bold and assertive and in charge (if that happens, we can see them as great reminders and mirrors…)
Make the most out of it and make a conscious decision to express your impulses during the next weeks. Start a new project, join a martial art class, sing and dance whenever you feel like it, shake it all out, paint, walk the 8, etc etc…
image credit: Couleur on Pixabay
Marsian Full Moon during Imbolc

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