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Full Moon in March

Next full moon is Monday 9th March, 5.48 am UTC
Moon is at 19.37 Virgo (Sun 19.37 Pisces)
sesquiquadrate Venus (05.00 Taurus) and Uranus (04.03 Taurus), opposite Neptune (18.26 Pisces),(4.03 Taurus), trine Mars (15.21 Capricorn), Jupiter (21.05 Capricorn) and Pluto (24.07 Capricorn), conjunct Denebola, the blue star in the constellation of Leo.

On the one hand this can be a time of overidealisation and illusion, of confusion and deception, manifesting externally for example in the increase of (to a huge degree media created) pan(!)ic and hysteria of a pan(!)-demic infection. Internally there can be confusion about one‘s own feelings and those of the others. Emotional sensitivity is high, which can easily be a challenge in relationships and likely result in sudden eruptions which stir the security one thought one had.
On the other hand this full moon can bring higher self-awareness, increased intuition, hope, faith and moral integrity with which one can not only follow one’s own vision but also overcome the fears and superstitions and see through lies.
In relationships there can blow a fresh wind, opening new roads, giving more freedom for expression. This can lead to quarrels and separations or open new roads for the relationship (and not just for both individually).
It is a great time for dreaming, meditating and tapping into spiritual enlightenment. A great time to remember Pan and what he can offer if we ask for help.
It is wise to be as clear as possible about our intentions, to be open and respectful – towards ourselves and others, to have the courage to follow the truth inmidst of lies and deceptions. 
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Full Moon in March

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