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March New Moon

The next New Moon is 24th March 9.28am UTC
Moon and Sun 4.12 Aries
conjunct Chiron (5.17 Aries) and Lilith (6.23 Aries), semisextile Uranus (4.25 Taurus), semisquare Venus (20.12 Taurus), square the Nodes (3.40 Cancer/Capricorn), conjunct Fixed Star Denes Kaitos in the tail of the Whale.
The next weeks will probably be painful one way or the other (I am not talking about Corona though it might well be the reason of suffering for many – this new moon simply has this signature). 
This New Moon asks us to prepare for a conscious move, for conscious actions. Neither to fall into paralysis nor into blind fighting against the arbitrariness of control and prohibition of free action.
This New Moon stirs old personal, family related and collective wounds of pain. Pain regarding of not being able to express freely, to assert oneself, to demand, to be bold, courageous, initiative, free in one‘s actions, of having no support for our own personal goals. It brings up our inner (usually unconscious) believes that somehow we can‘t/shouldn’t/aren‘t allowed/are inhibited to be demanding, assertive, to act freely.
It also stirs up the power of the Amazone, the warriorness, the power of facing challenges, the urge for equality (no one domineering anyone). 
And it is crucial in a karmic sense how we deal with these energies! We have to face the past and make our step forward (we always have to do that but it is highlighted right now), make a decision, as conscious as we can. There will be some things, people, behaviour patterns we have to leave behind – which again is likely to feel painful. One way or another we have to free ourselves from unconscious feelings/believes to move forward unfettered.
The downside of Deneb Kaitos is brutal. Yet, if we are honest and follow our inner truth and the truth of nature (Deneb Kaitos is also called the Superintendent of Earthwalks), i.e. if we are connected to Mother Earth and the web of life, we can make the most out of it, will be able to move through this transitory challenging painful time, find our own way of being an active warriorness, a powerful coequal woman.
It is most helpful to relax, to breath, to drop the tension, to focus, to be as clear as possible about our visions, our goals, our truth, and to remember the connection we have with the Earth and all creation, to remember our friends, sister- and brotherhoods, the ancient paths, our strong allies, our strong ancestors, and the Fey. And then to shed us internally from our own restrictions, inhibitions, controls, un-support, so we can move into our visions, can live our truth.
image Credit: Harry,
And the sea was sea.
And the grass was grass.
And the sun…sun.
Only the human wanted
To be more than he was.
Wanted more than was there.
Didn’t listen.
Tried to much. And too little.
Forgot to think when he felt.
Forgot to feel when he thought.
Didn’t pay attention to his nature
And not to what was around hin
And in him!
He had the Truth in him.
To know more, he only had
To ask the silence.
Or the sea, that only
Wanted to be sea.
Or the grass
And the sun…
March New Moon

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