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Covid-19 – what I can do

Many don’t know how to act at the moment and whether they can do anything to be save/immune to the virus and if there is anything homeopathic.
Homeopaths worldwide are currently searching for the genius epidemicus for Covid-19 and are determining which remedies are most useful in the treatment and prevention of Covid-19. 
Up to now these are the following remedies:
Arsenicum, Bryonia, Camphora, Gelsemium, Antimonium tartaricum, Oscilloccocinum, Mercurius, Justicia, Tuberculinum.
The list is not complete and, like during every epidemic/pandemic, will be further updated.
It is advisable to have some of these remedies at home (in C30 and C200 potencies). Some are part of homeopathic remedy kits. Even though there can be delays in some pharmacies, one can still order them.
On the 28th the well-known Canadian homeopath André Saine is offering a free webinar about Covid-19, pneumonia and flu.
First thing is to keep your immune system as strong as possible.
To do this, one has to avoid any kind of panic. As soon as you realise you are about to open the door labelled “panic”, close it right away. Fear, panic, worries, stress only weaken the immune system.
Helpful is furthermore:
Keep your mouth and throat moist. So drink regularly. Spray your mouth regularly with colloidal silver (or rinse it with it). Colloidal silver is also a good disinfectant for your hands (it has antiviral and antibacterial properties).
Smudge rooms with dried thyme/rosemary/sage/mugwort/camphor. Drink tea from fresh rosemary/thyme. Also cistus tea is very good.
Suck a clove, chew fresh rosemary, a piece of fresh ginger or a cardamom capsule.
Eat alkaline, i.e. lots of vegetables and fruit, nuts and seeds (also  to be used as oils). 
Avoid all which makes the body acidic: sugar, meat, coffee (if you don’t want to go without coffee you can put a pinch of bicarbonate in the coffee), alcohol, dairy products, grain, fish, eggs, animal fats, soy products, fizzy drinks, nicotine, preservatives, flavour enhancers, sweeteners, herbicides, fungicides, medications, drugs.
Eat plenty of vitamin C, like acerola, rose hip, thyme, parsley, kale, pepper (the vegetable not the spice), lemon.
Black elder (helpful for all colds) – prevents the virus getting into the cell and thus its reproduction, and helps the immune system to build antibodies.
In case of cough: propolis, sage, thyme
Go for a walk every day, for one hour. If you like, do also some exercises, but walking is absolutely sufficient, resp one of the best things to keep your immune system strong (extreme sport makes acidic). If possible for you, go into a forest.
Be in the sun. The virus doesn’t like the sun. It dies within relative short time on the skin and on clothes when it is exposed to sun light.
Increase the oxygen in your blood:
breathing exercises are super, for example Wim Hof technique, pranayama breathing, 4-face breathing (in-breath, holding, out-breath, holding)
cold showers
eating antioxidants: veggies, salat, fruits, sprouts, herbs, fresh wild herbs (they are shooting out of the grounds right now, so best time in the year), nuts.
If you have a sauna, use it. The virus doesn’t like heat. Alternatively you can take a long hot bath (refill with hot water).
Sleep enough and plenty, take a nap, especially if you feel under the weather and low, because most healing happens during sleep.
All recipes with ginger, lemon, horse radish etc, like Fire Cidre (you can find recipes online) are great. They are hot and the virus doesn’t like heat. Alternatively you can eat radish, water cress etc.
A crisis is by definition a time of trial and tests. It is a time for truth. All of us are severely tested at the moment. Each of us will be tested in different areas, depending where we are most vulnerable and fragile. Some may be tested financially, some emotionally, mentally, in our relationships, in our careers, in our sense of freedom, …. whatever it is the same principles apply. We need to face our vulnerabilities now. Which is also a gift at the same time, because if we face our vulnerabilities consciously and courageously we have the opportunity to grow and to become more whole. We find out where the leakage is and deal with it, find new solutions. that makes the container strong.
What is required is honesty towards our selves and our situation, strength, courage, clarity.
A good starting point is to look how we react at the moment. Do I panic, do I blame, do I get angry, hopeless, fragmented, ….?! Further ask yourself what is in your control and what is clearly out of your control. And then focus on what you can change, which is always yourself.

Meditation and all exercises that strengthen your own centre, your vertical, are one of the best things you can do in these times.
Connect to the Earth (who pursues her change unperturbed) and the cosmos, nature, the Fey, the nature spirits.
Stop, recognise the essential, your own truth and follow it.
Every crisis offers new chances. It is up to us on what we can look back in for example 2023. Visualise a date in the future and be astonished about the beauty and otherness. It is important to remember that we re co-creators! This is a power no-one can take away from us. We inform the mysteries as much as they inform us.
It is a law of nature: everything alive has a spirit/soul. The ancient ones know this and live according to it. Old and modern shamans pass on this knowledge. Therefor also a virus is part of nature, has its own being/essence (as absurd as it may sound for someone who has never though about this law of nature). What if we engage with the spirit of the virus, listen to it? 

Some of you know that I have been walking the path of the shamanic honeybee, the Path of Pollen for over 6 years. Some of us women of this Path have started to dream and engage with Covid-19, according to the tradition, and will continue to do so. We will share the answers in due time. At the moment it is still in process.
image source unknown to me. if someone knows more, please let me know.
Covid-19 – what I can do

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