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New Moon in April

The next New Moon is 23rd April, 2.26 am UT (3.26 am England, 4.26 Germany)

Moon and Sun are at 3°24’ Taurus
conjunct Uranus (6°24’ Taurus), square Saturn (1°41’ Aquarius), semi square Neptune (19°59’ Pisces), conjunct fixed stars Mesarthim and Sheratan in the horn of the Ram.
With such a strong Uranian influence only one thing is for sure: expect the unexpected.
We will have to deal with a huge amount of electric energies, which are stirring up All kinds of structures – materialism, comfort, personal as well as collective values. This is likely to be one way or the other a disruptive and challenging time. Saturn and Uranus are arguing with each other: change versus stability, freedom versus responsibility…
We can feel the sudden urge to change ourselves, our jobs, the establishment, rules, routines, etc as sudden impulses increase to break free of something that feels restricting, to change something that is limiting, to be rebellious (no matter whether we ourselves had created these restrictions and limitations or whether they had been forced upon us). Or/and there can be unexpected changes coming into our lives we don’t wanted. Either way, it is going to a challenge.
The outcome and the consequences depend on a) how irrational impulsive restless non thinking risk taking one is, or b) how balanced flexible open minded able to adapt…
The more irritated, aggressive, non-thinking we are in following the impulses, the more likely the dangers, chaos, accidents, violence we will have to deal with. The more brooding, depressed, burdened by routines, but lethargic we are, the more likely unwanted changes come from the outside.
We need a clear head, high self awareness, high consciousness, seeing as much of a bigger picture as possible.
No rush yet expressing the impulse.
Holding the vision, dreaming it into being, and using all resources and strengths to get there step by step, even if the steps are tiny.
That will be a massive test for the impatient, excited, rebellious part, sure. But creating head over heal an earthquake or a tsunami won’t bring the visioned result.
Whatever you do (meditating, walking the eight, going on a nature walk, drumming,…),  between 22nd and 24th April is the New Moon window to lay the ground for, and to increase the following:
finding clarity for what has to change and the willingness to give into that
finding courage and trust and determination to proceed 
finding guidance and support to stay connected (to the source, with each other, and the rainbow net) while things crumble
and then bring it into the „ordinary“ world, with joy and positive excitement – we are co-creating the beginning of a new world!
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New Moon in April

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