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Messages from the Spirit World – 17.04.2020

Coagulation of the last tele study circle, where the intention was to receive information, healing, guidance about the rainbow net

No need to know, no need to understand
It is only your mind with its desire to understand and control which catapults you into the sticky ropy mass of paralysing fear. 
It is only your mind with its desire to give away responsibility which wraps you in the cloak of insecurity and lack of orientation.

And it is the media, the news, the people in power, who only speak to your mind.

So stop listening to them, and
Drop into the heart
Drop into the womb
Drop into the honeycomb well
Trust the garden and the cosmos of your body 
Trust the ancestors who have seen the Norns spinning the rainbow net for eons

Trust the bite of the snake who carries the wisdom of the Earth itself
Let all resistance drop, relax
Let all grief continue to flow and imbibe the nectar of your tears
Let yourself be pushed into the funnel of the gramophone
You fall to rise.

It is there, in the abyss, where the in-between resides, where the worlds touch
It is there,
You transform
You mature from child into adult.
You transcend the material world
You purify on all levels
You give into Death willingly and laughingly 
You become invulnerable 
You hear the eternal hummm

You receive the cosmic light
You look up to the stars and understand the dream weave
You are pure joy and exuberant
You cackle with the Norns and dance on their freshly woven rainbow threads which grandmother spider and the bees who continue to weave, from the cosmos down into the core of the Earth
You are an acrobat on the net, where everything is allowed and possible
You are freed from all limitations and rules
You party with the spirits
You feel the bliss and ecstasy for life
You are alive.

When you step out of the funnel you will be different to now. You will be YOU. You will BE you. You will be part of the unbroken chain of the light and rainbow people from the past, the present and the future. You will know the secret of creating and sustaining life… 

Be courageous and practice this new way of life daily.
Listen to the songs of the Earth with your belly, like the snake
Taste the nectars of the Earth with your proboscis like the pink butterfly and the humble honeybee.
Feel the cosmic stars and the earthly serpent whirl and spiral through your body and bath in this gentle and tingling wave. 
Sing with all the wise ancestors, shamans, indigenous people the new song of the Earth

While you dance with the dolphins in the sea
While you fly with the birds in the sky
While you connect with the trees deep into the earth and far into the stars.

Preach to all and everyone that this is our nourishment, that this keeps us alive. Send out this energy, feed the net that spans across the globe. Anoint others.
You are allowed to BE. All is of equal value. All is holy.

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Messages from the Spirit World – 17.04.2020

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