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Messages from the Spirit World – 10.04.2020

We have continued our investigation in the tele study circle: to drop out of the head into the golden cave of the heart and further into the golden cave of the womb.

The coagulation from the experiences of all participants revealed:

Give in and die (like you have died so many times before), because Death is the beginning of change.
Be stripped of all what you have been – your possessions, attachments, forms,…
Dissolve like the caterpillar in her cocoon before she becomes a butterfly.

There is an endless rainbow coloured labyrinth of honey combs which – since the beginning of time – the bees create on their way from the depth of the cosmos down to the Earth and which they fill with the sweetest honey made of all the nectars they collect on their flights.
See your heart in its (green moss / rose quartz / crystal) form of a honey comb dripping with golden honey. The same honey that is in the heart of everything – every plant, every animal, every planet, every star.

Like the bee, fly home into the warm darkness of the cave, filled with the most delicious golden honey.
Fly home and return to the source.
Fly home and sit drumming at the fire.
Burn your fears, burn your grief, burn your pain – make the sweetest honey from all the nectars you have collected during the flights of your lives.

Sit in the darkness, at the fire, under the stars, like the indigenous people have done since the beginning of time – no matter whether they were hunted, robbed, discriminated or killed, no matter whether there was war or peace. They have always known about the bees and the stars and the Earth and how all is interconnected and communicates with each other.
Sit with the fire and become one with your essence, your divinity, your spirit, that which nothing and no one can take away or destroy.
Sit with the fire, and perceive your timeless indestructible connectedness with all your lives and all live.
Sit with the fire until your new rainbow form emerges.

There have been two messages by one of the grandmothers which I love to share. The elders have been informed of the changes we are going through now for a long time, and like the astrologers knew that a mayor change is going to happen in 2020 – what no one knew was how that change is going to start. 
I have watched the 1st video after the 2nd coagulation of the tele study circle, and the 2nd video after this coagulation and it has filled me each time with joy to see/hear the similarities. What many people have known becomes now known and also experienced by more and more people. We are connected. 


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Messages from the Spirit World – 10.04.2020

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