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Message from the Spirit World – 29.05.2020

Our intention in the tele study circle last Friday was: to dream, weave and reclaim your sovereignty.

The coagulation of all experiences/answers:

Follow the honeybee on her backward fly into the ground
Drop into the familiar darkness and depth of the funnel
Into the silence while there is noise around you
Into the calmness while the chaos rampages around you

Mind and repair your energy body so that
each cell is calm, clear, relaxed, focussed, centered, alive
Connect and strengthen all the fine light threads of truth within
establish order

Deepen your roots in all directions and dimensions
Let your inner forest grow
and become a place of shelter and nourishment
for yourself and others

Release the mummy into life and become the king and queen of your kingdom
Open the ancient books and imbibe the wisdom of the cosmic heart
Release your past until the ancient golden rings of strength and tenderness fit you
Ascend the throne that was never empty

Follow and stand in Truth
upright and unwavering
independent and inviolable
committed and wholly responsible for all your actions

Climb the steep clear path to the top of the mountain and open the door
Behold the many fires across the globe, growing and spreading with each day
Connect with other sovereign kingdoms – the network without equals the network within:
Strong threads of self- and mutual love, respect and joy

Every sovereign has the right to use the lost word of power
The dwarfs are angry and have put on their armour
The bear is ready to strike
Medusa has taken down her veil and shows her wild look

Say NO to all who trespass without your permission
Say NO to all who come without peace, love, respect and joy
Say NO to all who impinge on anyone’s freedom
Say NO to all who violate the gold standard 

And feel the blessing kiss of the golden light beings.

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Message from the Spirit World – 29.05.2020

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