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Month: June 2020

message of the spirit world – 19.06.2020

As the tele circle fell into the solstice solar eclipse window we used the alchemical fire cauldron and set out with the following intention: How to stop creating our (century old) addiction to suffering? How do we change, heal it? i.e. lack of abundance, scarcity, health issues, lack of love, unfulfilled relationship, poverty, etc… The coagulation of all […]

The cosmic rhythm – Message from the Spirit World 12.06.2020

The joined intention of the tele study circle on 12th June was to find out more about the cosmic dance (see coagulation from 5th June). We had many precious truthful powerful nourishing experiences. They all resulted in the following coagulation: From the innermost (right down into the last crevices of sub-atomic particles) to the outermost (the furthest reaches […]

Message from the Spirit World – 5.6.2020

In last Friday’s tele study circle we used the powerful energies of the lunar eclipse and followed the intention to connect with the cosmic mother, to receive all nourishment, to strengthen our character, our own sovereignty, our own medicine which we give. The coagulation of all answers resulted in the following wonderful message: In the […]

Message from the Spirit World – 29.05.2020

Our intention in the tele study circle last Friday was: to dream, weave and reclaim your sovereignty. The coagulation of all experiences/answers: Follow the honeybee on her backward fly into the groundDrop into the familiar darkness and depth of the funnelInto the silence while there is noise around youInto the calmness while the chaos rampages […]

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