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Full Moon Eclipse June

Next full moon is 5th June, 7.12 pm UT
This full moon opens the second eclipse season of 2020. It is, like the one from 10th of January, a prenumbral lunar eclipse. It will be visible in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antartica.
Moon 15.34 Sagittarius (Sun 15.34 Gemini)
Opposite Venus (12.18 rx Gemini), square Mars (15.52 Pisces) and Neptune (20.52 Pisces), semi square Saturn (1.26 rx Aquarius), trine Lilith (14.37 Aries), conjunct Fixed Stars Sarin and Ras Algethi in the constellation of Hercules
Eclipses offer change. Eclipses intensify. Eclipses are accelerations-portals – we can perceive that time is an illusion. Time, part of our reality, shifts with our perception, as what we experience as reality depends on where we put our intention and attention. Eclipses offer an in-between-the-worlds place (like the knot) where one can revision/redress/reimagine reality and a new timeline. We can ride the wave of change in the most beneficial way, if we connect with the energies of an eclipse.
This lunar eclipse asks us to listen, to find balance, to be able to walk the tightrope. It offers the connection to the divine mother, to the Milky Way. It offers strength of character. It offers that others listen to us. 
Yet it is full of irritation, emotional as well as physical, and a drive to gain power. Be aware of the downsides: heated emotions, irritability, tension, frustration, quickly rising anger – especially in love relationship. If we stay unaware of these powerful energies, we could either act out anger, emotional attacks, and even violence, or become the recipient of it, holding on to the anger and frustration (to keep the peace, to not be the „bad“ one, etc). None of this is beneficial. Both can lead into war, with others and/or ourselves.
What we need is our courage to face what is threatening us, to bring the simmering pot into consciousness. And then find a healthy expression, a release that is creative, where the raw powerful assertive energies can show up, be seen, and blossom. All things where we produce some kind of structure, a container are best, like sculpturing, pottery, gardening, but also singing, dancing, painting, writing, martial arts, etc etc are great ways to channel the raw energy. 
This full moon, once we have worked through our inner tensions and frustrations, offers action and assertion of balanced power. It offers the possibility to activate and use the most powerful word: NO. In personal relationships and also towards anyone trying to violate/manipulate our personal field, our health, our body, our emotions, our thoughts, our believes.
As an eclipse it offers the possibility to create a time and a reality that serves all life, that reconnects with the nurturing stellar great mother – if we face our private struggles between male and female, aggression, anger, frustration, align with the power and hold our intention. Now, in these times of change, this is more important than ever! May the number of consciously aligning people grow who use the cracks and listen to the Earth, her new song lines, and plant new seeds that serve all life! The intention we set now, consciously, will unfold over the next months.
A great way to work with the energies is to walk the eight: Set out onto the infinite with your frustration and rage to listen to them and to find balanced (new) ways of expressing them that serve both you and all life. This can not only be done at the exact time of the eclipse but anytime between the 4th and 6th of May. Or meditate to connect and set your intention.
Image credit: Free-Photos/pixabay 
Full Moon Eclipse June

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