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Full Moon September 2020

Next Full Moon is 2nd September, 5.22 am UT
Moon 10.12 Pisces (Sun 10.12 Virgo)
sextile Uranus (10.33 rx Taurus), sesquiquadrate Venus (25.35 Cancer), semisquare Lilith (24.30 Aries), Mars (27.42 Aries) and Saturn (25.55 rx Capricorn), conjunct Neptune (19.48 rx Pisces) , conjunct fixed stars in the constellation of the Water Bearer.
Change continues. Change we must. Allow (and enjoy) it as much as possible.
journey into new lands…exploring radiance…smiles do come…
Wherever we are not living our dream and freedom, we can now intuitively tap into and re-align with it. Although the t-square of Mars/Lilith – Saturn/Pluto – Venus is likely to cause frustration and losses, it can be also of use. 

All our frustration, anger, impatience regarding restrictions, limitations, authority figures, rules, regulations, and having to slow down, and not being able to nurture/care for (us and others) as we would like to, and all the triggered old old suppression of female independent power, can help us to become aware of where we are not living our true nature. 
Instead of just raging and being frustrated – which could easily turn into violence and manipulative destruction (especially as this has been a millennia old familiar method to deal with these energies) – we can use these emotions as an internal guide, a pointing finger, to look at our life and make appropriate changes. Each time we feel outraged we can take some time and look at the broader picture, our own part of the co-creation. We can allow ourselves to see the false masks we are wearing (to fit in, be loved, be accepted etc), and then to put them down. The world we have been living in has been created by all of us. The world we live in Now equally. Now is always the moment of change, not the future. Change begins inside first.
come…unmasque…visual invitation to unveil…stand…illuminated…naked…in the truth of being…
The change necessary is to change our frequencies. It is by increasing our frequencies, by vibrating faster, that we become conscious of higher levels of awareness. The ancient prophecies talk about the homo luminous being the next level of humanity we can and will reach. When we are conscious of our light body we step out of time and space and at the same time can access all time and space, thus also all the lost spiritual teachings.
The constellation of Aquarius gives plenty to ponder upon. Water is the bringer and sustainer of all life. The symbol of Aquarius is like the symbol of the primordial waters and reminds of the Egyptian goddess Neith, the primal creator, the cosmic weaver, the SHE.
It is time for the Primordial Return. It is time to allow the SHE, the Feminine Energies (this has nothing to do whether you are a woman or a man), to flow freely again (to pour them out). It is time to experience the Web of Light and Life around the Earth. It is time to remember that there is but Oneness. We are the light, we are the infinite, we are the unmanifest, we are formless, we are divine. The history we were taught was a continuous belief in separation from the infinite, from the divine. 
We live in the last years of Kali Yurga. We live in times of passage. How we deal with the energies now, how conscious we become, lays the ground for the next hundreds of years. Remember: We are the change we have been waiting for.
Use the Full Moon window between 1st and 3rd September – drum, walk the eight, meditate, be outside at dusk or dawn watching the Moon and Sun rise and set, set and rise – to return into your own truest energy and to bring it back into your everyday life.
SHE…it is…who swims and dreams…in the ocean of music…and all the universe…
Image credit: Anastasia Borisova / pixabay
Quotes: Mary Saint-Marie Sheoakah
Full Moon September 2020

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