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Message from the Spirit World – 21.08.2020

The energies of the New Moon invited us to create a funeral pyre. The (quantum) physicists have observed that our choice, our focus, what we observe in the present moment decides what has already happened in the past (quantum double slit and delayed-choice experiment). We can change our past through the present. Something that shamans have been very familiar with.
For the Tele Study Circle the questions arose: Can we also do this collectively? What happens when we ritually burn all our wrong decisions which we took thousands of years ago / where we took the wrong turn?


The coagulation of all the participants’ experiences delivered the following answer:

Applause applause
You purge and purge
You burn and burn
You detox and detox
Do it again and again
Do it again and again 


all your weapons, all the shit, all the bile
all the restless, deceased and adhering ones
all  that has grown too tightly around your golden centre
all the wrong decisions, mistakes you ever made, all the injustices you committed
all your false identities, roles and masks
all the rubbish, poison, contamination 

is transformed by the flames.

You took the wrong turn
Lulled by sweet scented promises you sacrificed your divinity
For alleged comforts you gave away your golden nature
For illusionary safety you choose the easy, comfy way
Not seeing the addiction
Not aware of the greed and hatred

that would follow

Separated from your own divinity
constantly feeling a painful lack you were
searching the outside for substitutes
more and more, faster and faster
cheating, lying, untrusting, murdering, destroying
spiralling yourself deeper into the separation

for eons

Standing at the funeral pyre crossroad you
burn down all the fatal flaws to be able to 
take the better choice
choose the unfamiliar narrow path
wrap yourself in the scent of the Earth
go for the, seemingly uncomfortable, truth


As long as you scream and are outraged about what anybody else does
stay at your funeral pyre
As long as you blame the government
stay at your funeral pyre
As long as you are angry about the sleeping population
stay at your funeral pyre

with joy

Dance with the fountains of shooting sparks 
naked under the sparkling stars
Offer everything that you place into the fire
with gratitude and love
Witness with the golden and white stag 
all the results of your own separation getting transformed into

golden nectar

Sipping imbibing it you gain back your divinity and begin to
see the subtlest threads, 
connecting every particle of you with everything else in this world
understand that every imperceptible move you make, every breath of your cells, 
is communicated to the rest of creation
feel there is but oneness, love and 

light coming from within

You are pure at heart
pure and holy and very earthly alive light
You are protected by being the protection
every of your actions being sacred
Sitting in the sacred night, the holy fecund darkness you
recreate, regenerate, generate, create

the different kind of reality

that is infused with more senses and dimensions
where your body melts, merges with the surrounding ocean of frequencies, light and vibrations
that is familiar and completely strange
where you feel a deep sense of happiness and contentment
that is real and unreal
where you know that you are forever in the right-ful place

We cheer you on


image credit: Ksenia Sergeeva/pixabay

Message from the Spirit World – 21.08.2020

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