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Inanna at the 3rd gate

Speech is priceless if you speak with knowledge. Weigh it in the scales of the heart before it comes from the mouth. ~ Kabir

On September the 14th Moon and Venus will be conjunct again (8°47′ Leo). Inanna passes through the 3rd gate on her descend into the underworld, where she hands over her Lapislazuli necklace. During the next weeks we can hand over all our limitations and difficulties to express our truth. In times where a huge portion of our expression is taken from us by having to wear masks, not being allowed to demonstrate in peace, it becomes even more important, not to allow more restriction but to create new possibilities of a healthy self-expression.

Our energy centre in our throat, Vissudha Chakra, represents our communication, our expression of our thoughts, emotions, knowledge (not the knowledge of our brain but of our gut, our heart, our wise pelvis), creativity, inspiration, self-determination and independence. It is there where our hearing and vocal cords are nourished energetically, so that, with an active throat chakra, we can receive the message of our inner voice and can express our inner thoughts, emotions, insights and the ancient knowledge without fear.

Creation begins with the formation of thoughts. We then ad the breath of life and send our words into the world. At the 3rd gate we are asked to become fully aware of the consequences that our thoughts and remarks have. We have to stop and listen to the words of our heart which we don’t speak and to say good bye to our ineffective, limiting communication practices, so that we are able to openly express our emotions and thoughts without fear, so that we can show our weaknesses as well as our strengths, so that we become conscious co-creators of our reality (again).

Fin out how and what helps you to create a healthy and open communication also in difficult (painful) situations. 

Question worth pondering on:
* How du you understand the other? Do you really listen? 
* How do you make yourself understood? Do others misunderstand you? 
* Which thoughts and emotions hide behind some words for you? Which words trigger extreme reaction in you? 
* When is you communication not heart centred anymore? Which topics are difficult for you to talk about? 
* Where do you hold onto opinions that block a deep and transformative communication?
* Which injuries of the past have you not forgiven yet? 

Sportive in this process are:
* the colour blue  – clothes, flowers, pictures, nail varnish, bedding etc. 
* the crystals aquamarine, coelestine, chrysocoll, moon stone, opal, perl, turquoise, blue topas
* meditations – e.g. mantra HAM, archangel Gabriel, the sixteen petalled lotus flower, the sound SO
* asanas and pranayamas, which activate Vissudha Chakra
* smudging with sage, lavender, laurel, sandalwood, mastic, eucalyptus, frankincense
* as our hearing belongs to our it is appropriate to go for a walk with our ears, to listen more actively and attentively, to perceive the world more with our ears

Moon-Venus (8°47′ Leo) build with Mercury (12°57′ Libra, sextile) two configurations: one with Chiron (7°50′ rx Aries, trine), one with Uranus (10°20′ rx Taurus, square). 
The Textil with Mercury helps to express and listen more openly and more clearly. the square to Uranus brings enough tension so that the inner urge to break out of freedom-limiting patterns gets manifested so that we can say “no” without fear, guilt and shame. The trine to Chiron allows us to remember and shows us what wants to and can be healed now, particularly where we hold back our playful and creative expression and self-assertion. The memory and realisation may be painful at first but the transformation (e.g. via a funeral pyre) will be liberating and healing.
It is a good time to change limiting beliefs and rules of etiquette (“that is not what one says”, “that’s not how you behave”, “don’t be so wild, loud, pouty etc (=different)”) into new creative authentic forms of expression, to remove the cobwebs around our throat, so that we can as wild and creative and alive as it is fitting our own true self.

image credit: Pexels / pixabay

Inanna at the 3rd gate

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