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New Moon – September 2020

The next New Mon is tomorrow, 17th September, 11am UT
Moon and Sun are at 25°00′ Virgo
trine Saturn (25°27’ rx Capricorn) and Pluto (22°33’ rx Capricorn), sesquiquadrate Uranus (10°15’ rx Taurus), square the Nodes (24°31’ Gemini/Sagittarius), quincunx Lilith (26°12’ Aries) and Mars (27°43’ rx Aries), opposite Neptune (19°23’ rx Pisces), conjunct the fixed star Cor Caroli and the Spiral Nebula Copula in constellation of the Hunting Dogs Canes Venatici
Many planets are retrograde, so this is a time best to be used for internal work rather than external action. 
The world is as we dream it. Something this New Moon also offers us to perceive and experience, to dive ever so deeper into. We can not only solve our personal conflict but with it that of the collective as well.
We still have to deal with the square of Mars/Lilith-Saturn/Pluto. It brings delays, inhibitions, restrictions. It brings control, violence, manipulation. It brings fear, guilt, shame. It stirs millennia old suppression of the female true power and autonomy. It confronts with the dance of life’s polarities – light and shadow, power and powerless, death and birth, victim and perpetrator…
Instead of reacting with resignation, helplessness, frustration, irritation and/or anger because goals, projects, ambitions can’t be achieved, we can become clearer about our truest intentions.

What our mind wants often is not what our heart’s / soul’s intention, what our true divinity, is. A very good question that comes with this New Moon, is to ask oneself “What is it that I really want to pursue (hunt, gain, achieve)?“ and to carry on digging up treasures from the internal depth and doing internal work until we have found the true answers to this question.

The involvement of the Nodes shows that we can become clearer, more conscious about, and solve a bit more our karmic issue. 
We are asked to be honest and to regain the trust in our own wisdom. The more external sources and authority figures become unreliable the more obvious this becomes. 
It is time we claim back our power, our freedom, our sovereignty and connect (link, bond, pair) with true companions to consciously co-dream-create our true divinity as humans.
Use the New Moon window from today till Thursday to unlock the treasures deep within you. Walk the eighth, meditate, drum, watch the sun/moon rise or set, … and then enjoy the next two weeks integrating and making use of what you discovered.
image credit: Herbert Aust / pixabay
New Moon – September 2020

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