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Message from the Spirit World – 28.08.2020

Our joint intention of the tele-study circle was, to find out more about the golden nectar that was mentioned in the last coagulation. Questions we had were: What is the golden nectar? Can it only be produced by burning on the funeral pyre everything that results from our separation from the divine, from our own divinity? And do the white and golden stag have to be present? Or are there other ways to produce it? What does it consist of?

The coagulation of the experiences from all participants showed:

Once upon a time
When you danced with the gods danced around the fire
The goldenen nectar flew in abundance
Constantly available
Over the eons 
you have created so much separation 
that you need to remember 
the meaning of your life
standing at your pyre
you can make the conscious decision 
and begin anew again
While burning and purifying 
all your separations from Source
all your dual experiences
all your thinking and feeling in polarities
you open up, little cracks,
the light gets in
you merge with the Divine from above and below
you produce your nectars
The more you burn, 
the more you live in union with the Divine
the more you light up, 
the more you make your golden light body visible (again)
keeping your funeral pyre going
drinking, imbibing the golden nectar 
is an ongoing process
making the connections of everything with everything visible
revealing a new dimension of your energy body
opening portals into other dimensions – the white one to begin with
giving an understanding of the cycles 
Once upon a time was Now
you drink with the gods the golden mead
you are filled with nectar and holy madness
you laugh and cackle with the ancient of the ancients 
your body drumming and humming with life force
you burn again for something
from the bottom of your heart
with your pure soul
honouring all your mistakes and detours
you long to create 
in joyful ecstasy
radiating the light, the gold, the sacred madness
each time you see a deer in the golden light of the dawn
each time you meet a white animal
each time you eat some honey
your connection with the all-that-is
being among the gods
your golden nature and your ability to create it
from within or with the assistance of your pyre
so you can
filled with love, fearlessly, gracefully
watch the earth exploding,
the old dark world of separation dying
image credit: Adrian Campfield / pixabay
Message from the Spirit World – 28.08.2020

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