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Message from the Spirit World – 04.09.2020

During the last weeks we have received the information in the tele study circle, that while we keep the funeral pyre going and imbibe the golden nectar other dimension open, to begin with the white one.
Our intention was to explore these further. How does the white dimension look like, how do I perceive it, how do I recognise it, how do I navigate through it? etc.  It is likely that it is connected to the white deer (penultimate coagulation) which becomes visible at the funeral pyre together with the golden deer.  Is there also a white nectar or something else that manifests? What is the white light if the golden light is the re-connection to the divine?
The coagulation of the answers of all participants brought the following answer:
stillness brings you
to the door
of the dimension of nothingness 
in your golden state
dream-fly to the moon 
and enter
the silent nothingness of being
where the fresh snow flakes
of the funeral pyre fire
tumble laughingly through the air
covering everything 
in peace and innocence
the transparency
penetrates and strengthens
and connects all
from here portals lead
into other dimensions
but for now
let the white deer take you
to the shore of the white lake
filled with milk from the giantess’ middle breast
ladle half a cup from that milk
top it up with coconut milk
and add vanilla 
drinking this nectar
washes out all your diseases and fears
frees you from all burdens and worries
dissolves your physical boundaries
makes you erotic 
fills all your cells with loving happiness
you reset 
becoming a clean slate 
living your purest essence
understanding without words being spoken out loud
moving without motion
feeling the connection with everything 
practicing this again and again
you experience during your life time
what automatically happens after death 
practicing this again and again
you bring the qualities of the white dimension 
into the dimension of the Earth
facilitating others to change their lives
being protected against all intruders
manifesting the global change
image credit: Shaurya Singh / pixabay
Message from the Spirit World – 04.09.2020

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