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Message from the Spirit World – 16.10.2020

As this tele study circle fell on the New Moon the following intention seemed appropriate: exploring the sacred warrior-pair within, the sacred masculine warrior and the sacred feminine warrioress. The warrior who is in balance, who acts from that still space in his/her middle and follows the pure healthy impulses to do something for the higher good, for the Earth, for the community. How do I as a sacred human (made of sacred feminine and masculine) walk, strive, move forward, pursue my deepest desire which is linked with what the world needs most right now?! What is my call to restore Cosmic Justice for all and to catalyse the change which is unfolding right now, so that domination, manipulation and control stop being the defining energies of our world?

The coagulation brought forth the following:
what a strange congregation one might think 
of rebels, 6-armed goddesses, singers, queens, writers, amazons, …
they hardly seem to have anything in common 
by taking a closer look it becomes clear
these children have left the battleground
where we fight with our own shadows
until we learn what there is to learn
and lay down our weapons and take off our war paint
battlegrounds turn into gardens 
and we into open hearted, sacred warriors 
knowing about the whole life being a game of life and death 
and lots of unrestricted joy in between
knowing about and dissolve at the same time
the differences between the sacred feminine and sacred masculine 
and drawing a strength from this art of being 
that is bigger than all power known so far
living awake and aware in clarity
connected with the spirit realms
free of all concepts, beliefs, compulsions and chains
full of trust and confidence
singing our own truth and wildness
praising all life – stars, sun, moon, earth… all that is
protecters of our close environment and kin
following our hearts which have no need to convince anyone
radiating love, warmth and security
tapping into the void
conveying the unknown 
bringing healing into the world
image credit: Ajay kumar Singh / pixabay
Message from the Spirit World – 16.10.2020

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