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Message from the Spirit World – 09.10.2020

The intention of the Tele Study Circle was to get more familiar with our own garden: where in your growing garden do you saw the seeds of the sacred masculine? between what other plants? and in case one is not able to receive joyfully the seeds, there in the cave, to explore one’s resistance.

die Coagulation aller Erfahrungen ergab Folgendes:
your garden is much bigger
and stretches much further
than you think it does
full of dark unknown 
places for you to discover
mysteries for you to explore.
love, respect and humbleness
open you the paradisiacal oasis 
of sacred masculine and feminine
entwined, always together, never apart
complementing each other
dancing inbetween the above and below
in a passionate fireworks
of rose, lavender, birthwort, evening primrose, passion flower
amongst the lush green grass
in the dark wildness
waiting for you and your radiating light
with its tenderness, beauty and power
image credit: alexanderfriedrichmsc / pixabay
Message from the Spirit World – 09.10.2020

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