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Message from the Spirit World – 23.10.2020

Our intention in the Tele Study Circle was: to let go all our plans, concepts, ambitions about what we think is needed und thus to gain clarity for what is needed right now – in the world where we move (our own radius, where each of us has an effect; i.e. local not global). regardless of whether we can manifest this. to be completely open, to get surprised, for what the (own) world needs right now.

The coagulation brought forth this:
the green keeper offers her elixir
while the last sand grain of the hour glass drops
time is up to pursue old habits and thoughts
to run away and busy yourself with mind-made ideas
the feathered snake is shedding her skin
relaxed in the midst of the chaos
awaiting the transformation within
not knowing what will become of Quetzalcoatl
once the last shadows are burned
and the sacred ancient ones honoured again
drop into the night-black nothingness 
pause, be still, observe, unseen
endure to do nothing
and at the same time
listen with your belly on the earth
grow with the trees into the sky
dance in the variegated colours of the light
laugh with the universe
love with your heart open
be free
as whatever you do 
immediately effects all that is
image credit: Narayan Mukti / pixabay
Message from the Spirit World – 23.10.2020

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