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Message from the Spirit World – 6.11.202

Our intention in the Tele Study Circle last Friday was to find out more about death’s song; the one he is crooning and dancing to, and about the frequencies the snake is following (last coagulation).

The coagulation of all answers:

listen, just listen – without any thinking
and let the sound touch you 
deep in your bones
the brain can not grasp this transformation
it is a waste of time to try this
so let it rest in your heart while you
follow his melody  – it has always been with you
through the void and life
through darkness and light
like the snake – who knows and has always been following it
through the stars and the roses
illuminating, awakening
trust and follow death’s joyful dance
through your childhood through the fog over the rainbow through the night-black-nothingness and the elements into the temple
and let your form die
your light is what is needed
you have the courage
bring it into the world
image credit: OpenClipart-Vectors / pixabay
Message from the Spirit World – 6.11.202

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