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New Moon eclipse – 14.12.2020

The next New Moon is on 14th December at 4.16 pm UT
and the second eclipse of the new eclipse season. It is a Total Solar eclipsevisible from Argentina, Chile, South Pacific, and South Atlantic.

Moon and Sun 23°08′ Sagittarius
conjunct Mercury (20°05′ Sagittarius), trine Mars (20°43′ Aries), sesquiquadrate Uranus (7°07′ rx Taurus), square Neptune (18°13′ Pisces), conjunct fixed stars Rasalhague in the constellation of the Serpent-Bearer and Lesath in the constellation of Scorpio

This Total Solar eclipse New Moon opens a portal into the dream world where the dreams we are dreaming find their manifestation into this reality. It is also a beneficial time for creative communication, movement, visualisation and physical healing. We can find new revolutionary ways to bring Joy into our space/time reality. 
What is important is that we come from the place of love, acceptance, knowing, and a true I AM. Otherwise there is too much potential for deception, confusion, susceptibility, fraud, immorality.

The eclipse opens a portal through which we can tap into powerful, ageless healing wisdom that has the potential to restore and revitalise. We can use the next weeks to do more shadow work – embracing, integrating it and thus growing into who we truly are. We can move beyond the limits of our personal ego, which so often expresses as our negative shadow. We can move away from holding ourselves back into regaining and experiencing our power and strength. We can embrace our life force energy and find expressions that are healing for us and those around us. 

It is a great time to engage with Python and Typhon, the healthy Chtonic Life Force Energies, within our bodies, so we can be re-awakened by them like the Earth is re-awakened by them. And in this we can find new ways to express them / our kundalini energy.
We can become more whole, gain earthly and cosmic consciousness, and develop the ability to experience anything willingly with acceptance. All things are equal in creation (even if the mind doesn’t think so). Whatever we encounter whenever brings us the choice to grow and embrace new opportunities and/or changes. If we are that open we can connect into the unified field of love that permeates all creation, unifying the finite (body/manifest plane) and the infinite (spirit/unmanifest plane) within and beyond time and space. 

Eclipse windows operate outside our ordinary reality of time and space. They can feel like an in-between-the-worlds or being out-of-the-body. During this New Moon Solar eclipse we can revision, redream and reimagine our reality and jump to a New Timeline – one that serves all life on Earth, including Mother Earth herself.

The Total Solar Eclipse speeds through a day arriving at night in just a few hours. As the Moon moves across the face of the Sun, blocking the light of the Sun, all day life stops, flowers close up, birds stop singing as if it is night. After a few minutes of Totality a new day dawns. Is is like resetting a clock, and we can reset our direction, our perspective, our orientation, what we once thought was real – preferably in ways that are helping us to evolve and grow.

Eclipses accelerate our experience of time and make it possible to access all available and also all new (the ones we are creating through intention and attention) timelines. Time is an illusion. Several times exist simultaneously (even if the mind doesn’t think so). Time shifts with our perception, with where we place our attention and intention. With each choice we make, regarding what we perceive and feel, we are continuously creating new Timelines. 
As long as we consider Time as the force that keeps things in their proper place, we keep living in separation while we move through time. When we explore Time beyond this concept and see that time changes us and we change time as well, we can arrive where we are all connected, where we are all one. Helpful in this process is lucid dreaming, meditating, journeying, and spending time in Nature, possibly also at night.

These last weeks of the year are like a grand finale with the lunar and solar eclipses, the Venus-Moon occultation and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction a few hours after the solstice ingress of the Sun into Capricorn. Already is 2020 a year that has forever changed us and the planet. These changes will have a ripple affect for many more years. One important truth, we should be aware of, is that we have tremendous personal power in the choices we make around how we engage with life. There are miraculous possibilities which are available for us to choose from and we can use our power to work miracles. For this we must be ready and willing to drop from the mind into the heart, live from the heart, and to restore our alignment with the Divine Wisdom within. 

New Moon eclipse – 14.12.2020

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