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Rare Inanna Gate – Moon Venus occultation

Venus / Inanna (the divine femininity) is on her way into the underworld – to die, to let die who she thinks she is so she can be reborn into who she truly is.

The last month of this year is very death-energetic. Lunar eclipse 30th November, Moon-Venus occultation 12th December, total solar eclipse 14th December, Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at the winter solstice.
Embracing death seems to be one of the main important things this year. Death has always been the key to life, yet this year it seems utterly important that we consciously let go of the old world, our old identifications, our old patterns and beliefs. Whatever the New World will be, it seems we can’t take our limitations and addictions for suffering with us.

On December 12th Inanna steps through the 6th gate on her way into the underworld and hands over her belt. This gate equals our 2nd chakra, Swadhistana, our sacral chakra. It represents our vitality, our self value and how we take care for ourselves.
By handing over her belt, Inanna gives away all that has limited her in her creativity, vitality, and sexual energies. Like her we are invited to free ourselves from all that has limited us in our emotions, wishes, desires, intimacy, and passion. We are asked to hand over all things that have contributed to not valuing our emotions, our body, our lust, and judging and condemning us and others.

Physically, this energy centre is associated with our lower back, the sacrum, our circulation, our sexual organs, all processes that have to do with the flow of body fluids, our tongue and our taste. It is is the location of our sensuality and our zest for life, our creativity and uncensored initial emotions. It is the source of our vitality and divine creative power, of our reproductive instincts (the production of something new) and our sexuality. It represents our body-consciousness, our willingness to feel all our emotions – from grief and pain to ecstasy and lust. To be able to live our healthy forms of spontaneity, sexuality, pleasure, intimacy and joy we have to successfully let go of our personal patterns of denial, rejection, judgement, condemnation towards us, our sexuality and creative productivity.

The Venus-Moon conjunction this month is special, and thus this Inanna gate, as the Moon will occult Venus. This will be visible in western North America, Hawaii, Alaska and eastern Russia – the silver crescent Moon will cover sparkling Venus. But even without witnessing this event, this rare event will add to the death-process we live in.

As with a solar eclipse – which is only happening two days later – the Moon moves in front of the “light” of Venus. After a short time Venus steps out of the Moon’s shadow. This opens a portal for us to the wisdom of the divine feminine. We can realise where we have denied, suppressed, distorted our divine femininity. The death-period in the underworld, Venus disappearing from the sky and reappearing, usually lasting for weeks, now happens in a few hours. This death-and-rebirth is intensified with Venus being in Scorpio. We get the chance to free ourselves from jealousy, claims on sexual ownership, manipulation in relationships, and to change our “non-divine” patterns of lust and passion. By embracing our judging and condemning of erotic attraction, intense sensitivity, desire, sexual lust and passion (our own Scorpio-Venus shadow) the transformation takes place and we receive our true divine femininity, experience her true power and strength and can find new ways to express her.

Helpful in this process are:
* colour orange – crystals like fire opal, carnelian, orange jasper, calcite; clothes; paintings, cushions, flowers, candles; food like pumpkin, carrots, oranges, saffron 
* water – to flow oneself and to let old patterns flow
* Vishnu, Lakshmi
* syllable VAM, RE
* to notice more consciously body sensations (physical, emotional, mental) and taste
* all things that bring immense pleasure and joy
* movement, dance, yoga (esp asanas that activate Swadhistana), walking the eight – to change the emotions that were locked in and suppressed, and to free the underlying vitality
* meditation with archangel Michael, the 6 petalled lotus flower

We live right in the in-between, between that which is dying and that which will come. This is one of the most challenging places, and for many people on elf the most scary ones. Yet, the void is the place where everything is possible, it is the place of all potential not manifested. The more we take ourselves into this place, in the in between, in the void, the more we engage with the not-holding-onto and not-yet-knowing, the more possibilities we have to we birth, to bring into manifestation.

Not only Venus in Scorpio and the occulted Venus bring the focus to this, but also the winter solstice. We live between two big Great Years. One Great year (of 26,000 years) is over and another is beginning. This transition lasts, depending on the orb one uses, 72 or 144 years, from 1962 until 2034 or from 1926 until 2070. And this year the end of the old and the beginning of the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle (lasting 20 years) takes place on the solstice. To consciously create the New we have to consciously let go of what limits our vitality and creative ability not produce.

Rare Inanna Gate – Moon Venus occultation

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