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Inanna in the underworld

As I had mentioned last month, this Venus cycle provides an extra gate, that of “death by intent”. Before Inanna disappears in the underworld for the next ~90 days, before Venus dies as morning star and stays hidden from view, Moon and Venus come together for a last time on 10th February (11° 41′ Wassermann).

During the last months Inanna gave away her insignia on her way through the gates into the underworld. She left behind everything which had been a distorted image of her power. While Inanna is staying in the Underworld for the next weeks, everything which separates us from our own divinity can die. During this time Venus is furthest away from the earth, travels with the Sun, and is not visible. The dying accordingly is not visible but happens deep within us – until Venus appears again as evening star in the sky.  

Naked and bare Inanna stands in front of her sister Ereshkigal, goddess of the underworld, of death and rebirth, and there is nothing which distinguished Inanna from anyone else. Like her, deciding by free will to die, we also can surrender, hand ourselves over to death, so that the image we had about ourselves, the person we thought we were, can die. 

In this place of vulnerability we have time to let go of all attachments and to succumb to the transformative process of the shamanic death (and rebirth). The next weeks are about embracing willingly death, allowing the forces to destroy everything that doesn’t serve your true self anymore. Key for this to happen is surrender and trust – then freedom and empowerment will be the result.

The story of Inanna is one of healing, Integration and growth. Inanna acknowledges in her confrontation with Ereshkigal that she has no chance against her sister, against her deepest darkest wildest aspects. She has to surrender to the process. 

Only when we hand over the last shirt, when the carpet is pulled from under our feet, when there is no support left (Inanna hangs as a piece of rotten meat on a hook), we can feel the power of Ereshkigal. The whole descend into the underworld, in our abysses, is about vacating every sham, all insignia. The underworld now is about abandoning our identity and engaging with the void to be recreated. 

When we embrace death and dissolve all ideas/definitions we had about ourselves, we can be reborn in that person who we truly are. Surrender is the key for this intent for being free and empowered.   

Everyone who is willing to do this, created a new collective empowered embodiment of the divine. In this cycle we are dealing with the archetype of Gemini, the magic and playful knowledge. To be able to express, show, and communicate freely, who we are. To discover ourselves again and again anew through our own creativity. To follow the rainbow goddess of light. To live the path of the Great Spirit, which is full of love and compassion and joy. To remember the old inheritance of all cultures. To laugh about ourselves and to perceive the world less seriously. To ask ourselves again and again: how can I create more joy, more freedom, more fulfilment? – You are doing it for yourself and others.  

The Moon-Venus conjunction happens one day before the  New Moon. Moon-Venus are conjunct Jupiter (12°24′ Aquarius), Saturn (6°26′ Aquarius), Mercury (17°14′ rx Aquarius), fixed star Albali, and square Uranus (7°03′ Taurus), Lilith (12°32′ Taurus), Mars (17°56′ Taurus). A great constellation of tension. And it would be easy to be pulled into its energies of rebellion and resistance against (old an new) limitations and restrictions.  
In my opinion it seems the best if we dive deeply into ourselves and free us first of all the self-created restrictions. Helpful questions we can ask ourselves are: Which of my magical playful aspects don’t I allow to myself to live? Where don’t I give myself the permission to live my life magically, to make the impossible possible, but stay conform, blend in, stick to the old tradition? What, if I expand my consciousness, step over boundaries, weave magic, use the power of my mind, step out of the old thought process, make one step beyond the rational linear logic?!  


image credit: Stergo / pixabay



Inanna in the underworld

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