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Full Moon – 27.2.2021

The next Full Moon is on Saturday, 27th Feb at 8.17 am UT
Moon is at 8°57’ Virgo (Sun 8°57’ Pisces)
opposite Venus (2°14’ Pisces), trine Uranus (7°32’ Taurus), quincunx Saturn (8°17’ Aquarius), conjunct fixed star Alioth in the constellation Ursa Major
This Full Moon illuminates the big tension we have to deal with during the whole year structures continue to change, and in one way or another we have to deal with them. be it that we don’t like/resist the changes occurring, or that we can’t manifest fast enough changes we would like to create. Either way, we come face to face with our frustration, feeling limited, blocked, challenged. And we all have to find new ways, have to change our own ways to be creative and express freely. We all have to shed what is limiting us, have to let go of old routines. We all have to be responsible and loyal, first of all to ourselves. 
This Full Moon offers us to find out what our emotional needs really are – our need for freedom and our need for security, our need to fit in and our need to be independent, etc etc. it is neither about what the majority needs, nor what minorities say, nor our beloved ones, but about us, our personal needs.
In all this our relationships are testet, are in the spot light. How much is ok to adjust to the other, how much freedom is ok, how much differences of needs can we bear. It is a good time to free ourselves from people who are not good for us.
Be not only as open-minded, flexible, patient as possible with yourself but also with people close and the whole value system of the outer world. 
Avoid destructive behaviour – to yourself and others.
Use the Moon window between Friday and Sunday – dreaming, journeying, walking the eighth, meditating, etc. – to find out what is valuable and of need for you, without judging others who have different values and needs. and where this is difficult, invite the great mother bear to assist you to heal, to mourn, to let go.
image credit: DarkmoonArt / pixabay
Full Moon – 27.2.2021

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