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Full Moon – 24.06.2021

the next Full Moon is 24th June, 6.39pm UT
Moon is at 3°27’ Capricorn (sun 3°27’ Cancer)
sextile Jupiter (2°09’ rx Pisces), conjunct fixed star Polis in the constellation of Sagittarius
this Full Moon seems to herald a time of things calming down a bit – though the energies of the eclipses are still with us for the next half year.
it is giving us time to breath, reflect about the last weeks, align oneself, enjoy the magic and richness of the solstice and midsummer
the next two weeks are a good time to follow our spiritual interests. we can deepen our spiritual alignment. we can find out what and who we are in truth an thus strengthen our true being/nature.
this full moon offers expansion of our horizons (what we so far believed is real, is true, is important), our spiritual knowledge and our trust. 
the more honest we are the more we can strengthen and align as well as expand, grow and deepen. and the more we do that the more honest we become…
good questions to ponder about are: what is successful and truthful in my life? where do I like to expand? what has real meaning to me? 
with Polis being located in the bow and the Moon occulting Nunki, a star in the arrow, on 25th, this is a nice image to ponder – the bow needs to be steady when the arrow is released…. 
all the while Venus is travelling through the Sacred Hoop – a configuration of stars recognized by the Lakota Sioux in an As Above, So Below connection to the Native American concept of the Sacred Hoop. also called the winter hexagon. These stars include, Sirius, Rigel, the Pleiades, Capella, Castor, Pollux and Procyon. Inside the Hoop is the constellation of Orion and the Hyades (with Aldebaran (one of the Royal Stars)). in the middle of the Hoop the Milky Way and our ecliptic, the plane of our solar system, cross. this is the Galactic Edge where we look beyond our Galaxy. the Egyptians have referred to this intersection in the sky as the place where souls enter into incarnation. modern astronomers know that it is there where new stars are being born.
we are living amidst the so called changing times, we are beginning to more and more consciously create our world, a new world. “Creation requires a gathering together and focusing of your power within a circle of commitment – like a seed, an egg, a womb or a marriage. If you would create and not destroy, you must remember always the Sacred Hoop.”
also Venus is out of bounds – time to consider new ways of perceiving our reality, especially regarding relationships and values. time to go beyond what we have so far being able to imagine. time for our imagination to run wild. time to think and act outside the box.
and Venus is opposite Pluto during this Full Moon – that’s why I have mentioned so much about Venus…  
for me this looks like a great time for creating new relationships. all un-true relations die, we can free ourselves from people and conditions that keep us in low frequencies, and create wild free relationships in ways far beyond the norm, the known and imaginable. including to ourselves and our body, to the the Earth and all creation, to the spirits and our allies, to the cosmos. … … …
and all this while the magic of summer is highest. yippeeee  
use the Full Moon window between Wednesday and Friday (drum, walk the eight, meditate etc) to tune into your truth, expansion and new connecting. enjoy the immense creative energies all along… … 
image credit: Stefan Keller / pixabay
Full Moon – 24.06.2021

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